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Dog training in Calgary

Horacio and Roberto D'Argence

Behaviour Therapists and Trainers
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Other than family, there are not many things that give us more joy than dogs. We are privileged to be the Bark Busters dog behavior therapists providing expert dog training in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We are Roberto and Horacio, and we would like to help your dog live its best life.

We grew up in southern Mexico in an agricultural family, surrounded by horses, cattle, and LOTS of dogs! There is something about having a life connected to the land that gives you a more open understanding of animals. We are so happy to be able to take that foundation, add the Bark Busters training system, and be able to help dogs overcome behavior problems that cause stress, frustration, and anxiety. These problems can be as straight forward as jumping up or stopping excessive barking. They can also be more intense like separation anxiety, or aggression to dogs and people.

We have learned that by seeing a problem from the dog’s perspective its easier to find a better path to solving the problem. By being more in tune with a dog’s way of communicating and teaching each other, we can help you get great results for your dog in less time than traditional methods.

The best thing about our Bark Busters techniques is that we only need our hands for pats and praise. Your praise, love and affection will be the primary motivation used to get your dog to learn what it is that you want them to do. This builds a strong trust bond and is so much easier than trying to physically control your dog.

If you would like to learn more, please call or contact us with the email form below. We would love to help you help your dog to live its best life.

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Bean - Chorkie

Bark Busters helped with: Separation anxiety, Other

"We learned so much from Horacio (such a lovely man) and we are working hard putting his training into action. We saw an immediate improvement and were incredulous at the simplicity of a few behaviours that WE needed to change. We are very grateful for Horacio and Bark Busters!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Laurie W - Calgary, Alberta

"Thank you Nancy for helping us deal with our dog problems. You really understood our dogs needs, and gave us good advice. We've already seen lots of improvement with our dog Katie. Nancy was also very easy to work with, and super nice and friendly!"

Aileen and Andrew T - calgary, Alberta

"I have a dog who has issues with aggression and anxiety and Nancy came for her first visit today. She helped me pinpoint what type of aggression he has and little ways that I can start to help him correct it and showed me small but meaningful exercises I can do to help him feel more at ease when seperated from me. She was calm when he met her and acted just as my nervous dog needed her to. I'm really looking forward to her future visits and getting my pup on track to be his best self."

Sidney C - Calgary, Alberta

"Nancy has been a godsend to my French Bulldog and myself. I ensured to set up an appointment with Nancy from the first month my French Bulldog puppy was brought home from the breeder. Since August 2016, I have received many compliments on how well behaved my puppy is, not only well adjusted to other dogs but also great manners. I credit Nancy for her work with Ivan (my puppy). You will notice from the moment Nancy enters your home, your dog will respond to her demeanour. I had told Nancy myself she is the Cesar Milan of Calgary! Well worth the investment for lifetime training and advice on your dog!"

Kate G - Calgary, Alberta

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