Puppy Training

Bringing a puppy home is such an exciting time. It’s an opportunity to get to know one another, introduce them to their new home and start dreaming of the adventures you might embark on together.

Just like children, puppies are playful and have incredibly short attention spans. It’s important to set realistic expectations knowing that they will only absorb so much in the beginning. A healthy balance of training, playtime and naps will help them set them on a path to becoming a confident and happy member of your family.

As your puppy grows, we will be right there with you, answering your questions (it’s natural to have a lot!) and helping you to navigate the adolescence and the young adult stages.

What We Can Help With

Puppies are curious and uninhibited. It’s natural for them to explore their new surroundings with all of their senses and use their mouth to chew, bark and taste almost everything they interact with each day.

Working together, we can help to set rules and boundaries, prevent unwanted behaviours and teach your pup to understand new concepts like:

  • House training
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Walking on a leash
  • Being calm and quiet when left alone
  • Chewing approved items
  • Not jumping up
  • Not play biting

Our Private, In-Home Training Sessions

The first session is a meeting to get to know your puppy, learn about your environment, and discuss any immediate concerns. It’s important for us to understand your lifestyle and your expectations for your dog’s behaviour so that we can design a customized, effective program for you.

We start with the basics to help your puppy form good habits like paying attention, following your lead, and walking on leash. As your dog grows, their ability to focus for longer increases. This allows us to challenge them with concepts such as getting their attention back after an irresistible distraction or being responsive off-leash.

Our Training Methods

Our goal right from the beginning is to build a relationship of respect and trust between you and your puppy. Mutual understanding and clear communication are the core of our training and centre around how dogs naturally interact with their mom and littermates or as a family pack.

With your puppy at ease in their home environment, we will help you teach them using positive reinforcement, body language and verbal cues that they understand.

Lifetime Commitment

From changes in your household to more advanced training for adolescents, we are here to support you for the life of your dog.

Our Commitment

Our Philosophy & Methods

A puppy just wants to be part of the family unit. Our training philosophy embraces communication, mutual respect and positive reinforcement to set the stage for a lifelong bond.

More About Our Values

Our Pricing

From the very beginning of your puppy’s life journey, we will be there whenever you need support.

Bark Busters Cost

Investing into Bark Busters puppy training has taken all the guess work out and replaced it with calm confidence. This is peace of mind you can’t put a price on.

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