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Bark Busters can help with a wide variety of dog behaviours:

  • Leash training

  • Barking

  • Puppy Training

  • Separation anxiety

  • Aggression

  • Jumping

  • General obedience training

  • And more...

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Training Options

Puppy Training

Lay the foundation for a trusting relationship and a very well behaved dog.

Ashley is absolutely amazing. After only the first 15 minutes with Bella, our new 11 week old lab/mix rescue puppy, she was like a different puppy! And it’s only been better from there! Ashley has been a true benefit for us as this is our first puppy. She’s become more of a positive team player that’s helping our puppy(and us). She’s taught us how to manage and make changes for bad behaviour, and Bella has responded so well! Don’t know what we would do without her and would definitely highly recommend having Ashley be a part of your dogs life too. She’s amazing and we are so grateful for her and Bark Busters!!!

Basic Training & Obedience

Turn your good dog into a great dog. This is about education to get rid of frustrating and annoying habits.

We found it hard to believe at first that we had gone six whole years communicating incorrectly with Grissom but it was very eye opening and rewarding to see how quickly Grissom responded to the Bark Busters system. Carol was extremely thorough and attentive to our specific needs and concerns and was an excellent guide to getting to know the system. The one session with Carol had more impact on Grissom's behavior than any other training program we've tried. We're looking forward to the reactions of our family and friends when they get to see the change first hand.

Severe Behaviour Issues

Feeling stressed? Have you been desperately trying anything and seeing no improvement? We can help.

Rob came in to help us work with our dog, Luna. Luna is a 3-year-old Eskie, and we contacted Bark Busters to help us with her separation anxiety and aggression. After just ONE session, we saw marked improvement in Luna's behaviour. We had friends and family comment on how much calmer she was. We continue to implement the comprehensive training plan, and we continue to see improvements in her behaviour - no more barking at the door, an ability to ignore strangers, and a greater security when she is left alone.I love my dog, love the improvement, and highly recommend Rob and Bark Busters!

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