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See The World Through Your Dog’s Eyes

Bark Busters is an in-home dog training service that focuses on establishing healthy relationships and effective communication between dogs and their humans. We believe that there is hope for every dog and know the joy that mutual understanding can bring to our lives.

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We are a global community of dog behaviour professionals who are dedicated to providing the tools and training that dogs need to thrive. We are here to help you achieve a lifetime of love, companionship and experiences together.
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Our Philosophy & Methods

Clear, intuitive communication is at the heart of what we do. Once we understand a dog's needs and they understand our desires, we can build an effective foundation that is based on respect and trust. We develop personalized programs using positive reinforcement and real-life scenarios that teach the skills needed to set your relationship up for success.
Our Methods

What We Can Help With...

Our approach works because it is based on how dogs naturally learn and interact.  Whether you have a puppy, adolescent or mature adult, ensuring they follow your cues will help them navigate and thrive in the human world they live in.


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Puppy Training

The enthusiasm a puppy brings to everyday life is infectious. They are also a lot of work! As they grow, let us help you establish a healthy bond and set boundaries that will be valuable throughout your entire life together.

Puppy Training Services
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Basic Dog Training & Obedience

Whether you have an adolescent dog, a new rescue, or a great dog with an irksome habit (or two!), we can help. Change is natural throughout a dog’s life and our training will ensure that you are set up with the skills and support to address issues as they arise. 

Dog Training Services
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Severe Behavioural Issues

Rehabilitating dogs with behaviour problems is the reason Bark Busters was founded.  Our trainers believe that every dog can be helped and are committed to understanding the root of any issue and alleviating the resulting behaviour.  Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing support regardless of how long it takes.

Training Challenging Dogs
Bark Busters method is simple and works! We had a great experience learning how to understand our dog and communicate effectively. Thank you Bark Busters for helping us understand our best friend! Leah Orosco, Client

Be The Leader In Your Pack

Dog-focused, relationship-based training tips to help ensure you maintain a happy and healthy connection with your pet.

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