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We are a global community of dog trainers and behaviour therapists who passionately believe that there is hope for every dog. We know from personal experience the tremendous joy that dogs can bring into our lives. We also understand the anxiety and frustration that misunderstood dogs may cause.

A Team of Passionate and Highly-Skilled Professionals

Our love of dogs and helping people is at the heart of everything we do. As the best-trained dog behaviour therapists in Canada, we are constantly improving our knowledge through ongoing professional development and observation, while utilizing the wealth of experience amongst our global network of over 250 Bark Busters trainers.

Advocating for Dogs and Supporting Families

Our approach is holistic and focused on building healthy relationships between dogs and their families. We provide advice, understanding, expertise and service that is second to none. We will always be there for the life of your dog, ensuring that you are equipped to address any issues that may arise and have the skills to communicate with your dog in a loving and impactful way.

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Want to learn more, or begin training? We can help, let us find the trainer nearest you so that you can reach out to them directly.

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Every day with your dog should be a good one. Regardless of your dog’s age, stage of life, or behavioural problem, we can help.

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Lifetime Commitment

We will be there anytime you need support so that you and your dog can live your best life together.

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Start your journey with answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. You are not alone!

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Private, in-home training focused on your dog’s unique needs. Ours is a one-time fee with a lifetime commitment designed to improve your relationship with your canine companion.

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Our Values & Training Philosophy

Dogs love to please and the majority of behaviour problems stem from them not understanding what we want. Our training approach delves into a dog’s world to establish a system of natural and intuitive communication.

Our Philosophy & Approach

Be The Leader In Your Pack

Dog-focused, relationship-based training tips to help ensure you maintain a happy and healthy connection with your pet.

Help for Dogs with Food Aggression

Food aggression is fairly common among dogs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious issue! Fortunately, knowing how the behaviour develops gives you the keys…