Our Philosophy

Dogs are eager to please and have an incredible capacity for loyalty and love. These wonderful qualities that we value and admire, are tied to their instinctual need to form a strong bond with their family unit. Bark Busters’ training philosophy centres around the way dogs naturally communicate and how they see the world.

Communication and Understanding at Our Core

We believe that a well-understood dog is the foundation of all great dog-human relationships. Once a dog knows what you want and understands that you are looking out for its well-being, their instinct is to do whatever it takes to please you and make you happy.

Our communication system is based on how dogs instinctively learn and teach each other. We use this method to help set boundaries and put structures in place that build mutual respect and trust.

A Compassionate Approach to Training

Most behaviour problems are actually the result of communication issues. Dogs often misunderstand what we expect of them. When we give mixed signals, it’s easy for them to get it wrong and for us to get frustrated.

In our sessions, we establish clear expectations at the outset – for example, how do you want your dog to respond when someone comes to the door? How would you like them to walk on leash? We practice real-life scenarios, offering the dog a choice. We use vocal cues to guide them to the right decision, then praise them when they do. This is how dogs learn best!  It’s amazing to see how quickly a dog learns when you use a language they understand and reinforce a desired outcome with lots of love.

In some cases, we may use treats but generally, we have learned from 30 years of experience that the best motivator is your praise and affection, particularly with stressed, fearful or non-food-driven dogs. This method is in harmony with the inherent nature of a dog and has more effective, lasting results.

Personalized, In-Home Sessions

We start with the premise that every dog and every family is unique. We take into consideration your goals and situation. This allows us to develop the best program for your dog.

Starting the training in your home means your dog will be safe and in a familiar place that is free from distractions. We know that this makes it easier for your dog to learn.

Once the dog owner possesses the necessary skills to communicate with their pack-mentality dog, a better relationship can be fostered between owner and dog, and the dog’s behaviour almost automatically improves.

Sylvia Wilson, Co-Founder

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