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Whether you’re starting from square one with a new puppy or square one hundred with your sensitive or reactive dog, Bark Busters is here to help you learn the best way to communicate with your pet. Using humane methods and positive reinforcement, we provide simple techniques that appeal to the inherent nature of your canine companion. 


Our training approach is personalized and catered to both your needs and your dog’s temperament. By following our program, our goal is to create a lasting and loving relationship for your happily ever after.  

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Puppy Training

Training is an evolution. We start with the basics and build up to more complex concepts with your puppy as they grow. Our private in-home training program is available for your dog’s entire life and is designed to meet the unique needs of your household.

Puppy Training Services
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Basic Dog Training & Obedience

Build their skills and fine-tune their behaviour using a language they understand.  There is freedom in being confident that your dog will always listen to you.

Dog Training Services
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Severe Behaviour Issues

Dogs are susceptible to triggers and stressors just like humans. Understanding their sensitivities is the first step in two-way communication and achieving the loving relationship you desire. 

Training Challenging Dogs
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Virtual Dog Training

While we always love meeting new people and pooches in person, certain situations benefit from an online approach.  If you are too far away for us to visit, we can still help. Video conferencing allows us to support you wherever you are in life or location.

Remote Dog Training
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Our Values & Philosophy

We love dogs and want to ensure that every hound has a chance to reach their full potential.  We begin with listening, understanding and finally, communicating in a way that’s natural and instinctive.

More About Our Values
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Our Story

Founded on the belief that there is hope for every dog, our story began 30 years ago in Eastern Australia. Fast forward to today and our team in Canada is part of a global effort to improve the well-being of all dogs and their humans alike. 

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Dog-focused, relationship-based training tips to help ensure you maintain a happy and healthy connection with your pet.

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