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Kathleen McKay

Behaviour Therapist and Trainer
Servicing Areas:
Brampton Mississauga Caledon Bolton

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I’m Kathleen, your local behaviour therapist and trainer of Bark Busters Home Dog Training Brampton, Mississauga, Bolton and Caledon. Like many other Bark Busters, I began as a client. I had a seven-year-old rescue dog who had always loved being around other dogs but who became very volatile when I introduced a new rescue puppy to our home. As surrendering either dog was not an option, I knew I needed help. Within one visit, my older dog went from tormenting my puppy to guiding him on how to act and behave within the household.

Whatever your behaviour goals may be, I can help you to communicate with your dog in way they will understand, using voice tone and body language. Best of all, we’ll come to your home.

Bark Busters methods are fast, effective, long lasting and easy to follow. We have a patented approach which has been successful for almost 30 years and we have the skills to diagnose and help any dog. There is nothing more rewarding than the moment when an owner understands how to communicate with their beloved dog, and I’m committed to getting you the results you want. No matter the age, breed or size, if you are a willing dog owner, I can help.

Call today to get more information or to book a lesson. Your dog will thank you for it.

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Teddy - Maltipoo

"What a relief! A Trainer who has brought us some peace and control. Yes, our first experience with Bark Busters and trainer Kathleen was wonderfully encouraging and non-stressful. We, Teddy my Maltipoo and I, learned masterful technics on the first night both in theory and practice. As a dog owner, I did not realize how much information I did not know and in my thoughts probably would have kept doing Teddy more harm then good. I am thankful for the world of knowledge Kathleen has brought and will continue to bring so Teddy and I will have bright future ahead."

Cathy G - Brampton, Ontario

Gigi - Poodle Miniature

Bark Busters helped with: Puppy management

"My husband and I are new puppy parents and we were feeling overwhelmed with how to make Gigi feel safe and welcome while teaching her how to respect her new space. Kathleen was gentle and patient, explaining the reasons behind her methods and teaching us humans how to speak Gigi’s language. We started to see results on day 1 and look forward to continued progress. Thank you, Kathleen!!"

Miriam P - Caledon, Ontario

Koko - Maltese

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Other

"Kathleen was amazing with our dog Koko, she taught us all the right tips and tricks to get our rebel fur baby in control. We have seen a significant improvement in our dog and are impressed with how much of a difference it made in her behavior by just doing one session with Kathleen."

Pardeep K - Brampton, Ontario

Benny - Mixed breed

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Other

"We contacted Bark Busters because our 2 year old rescue was having some behavioral issues. He would not listen to us or make eye contact, he wouldn't come when called, rushed past us on the stairs, jumping up when anyone came in the door and constantly pulled on leash. This past Saturday we had our first session with Kathleen and it was night and day, within moments of her being here she had established with Benny that she was in charge and he responded. The exercises we learned were easy to understand and we have seen a big change in Benny just in this short time. I would recommend Bark Busters and Kathleen to anyone who is having behavioral issues with their dog. The exercises are effective and do not use treats or any harmful tools to correct the behavior."

Kerry V - Brampton, Ontario

Maple - Goldendoodle

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Pulling, Puppy management

"In just one visit with Kathleen, our 4 month old Golden Doodle’s behaviour as improved so much. Learning to speak dog has helped my husband, my two kids (12 and 13 of age) and I teach our puppy to walk calmly, understand boundaries, settle when the door bell rings and to simply know what is acceptable and what is not. Kathleen also shared a lot of tips which we have incorporated. Thank you!"

Tanya L - Brampton, Ontario

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