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Ashley Kutschke

Behaviour Therapist & Master Trainer

I became a Bark Busters trainer in 2013 and since then I have helped over 1000 dogs in the Sudbury and North Bay area. My previous experience in customer service, youth leadership and teaching has facilitated my success as a professional dog trainer. We have a great community in the North and I volunteer with various rescue organizations. I have hosted seminars and training sessions with these groups and also fostered some of the most incredible dogs. It’s a pleasure to work alongside so many helpful, talented, and caring professionals, all for the betterment of our pets.

Also Serving: Espanola, Parry Sound, Hanmer, Lively, Val Caron, Garson

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What I love about my job

I love helping people understand their dogs. The result is less stress for the family and less stress for the dog. Dogs are loyal creatures who add so much to our lives. We owe it to them to be set up for success. Most problems can be solved by communicating clearly and being consistent. Dogs want to please, they just often misunderstand what we are asking of them. We can help fix that!

Why I became a dog trainer

I found out about Bark Busters during a search to stop my dog Harley from barking incessantly the moment he stepped outside. He was my first dog as a young adult. Neighbours would complain and I couldn’t find a dog sitter. We didn’t have a Bark Buster trainer in Sudbury, so I had to settle for a device that made a sonic noise. Fast forward 14 months, my dog was still barking and I was on a plane to Squamish, BC to officially begin training.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Puppy training
  • Separation anxiety in dogs
  • Stopping excessive barking
  • Dog aggression and aggression toward humans
  • Leash training, including leash pulling
  • Stopping dogs from jumping on people
  • Food aggression in dogs and resource guarding
  • Reactive dog training
  • General obedience training
  • And more…
Ashley Kutschke, an expert dog trainer in Sudbury and North Bay explains why she loves helping people with their dog’s behaviour problems.

We were so impressed with Ashley and the work she did with our dogs! There is no better gift to give your dog than to work with him to establish his place within your family pack. We have noticed how much more calm and enjoyable our dogs have become.

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Why Bark Busters

Why Bark Busters

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Our Pricing

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