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Dog training in York Region and Markham

Samantha Mabee

Behaviour Therapists and Trainers
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Congratulations for taking this big step for your dog. Lets get you the help you need!

My name is Samantha Mabee, I have been a trainer with Bark Busters for 3 years. I love helping clients understand their dog’s behaviors while providing them the training and support to build a happy healthy relationship. I have always been an animal lover dogs especially, so a career as a dog trainer was a natural choice and perfect fit.

So, what made me choose Bark Busters? Well, my dog Lola a 10 year old rescue dog, came as an anxious mess. She had bit a few children, she barked relentlessly at everything and had SEVERE separation anxiety. My family and I had tried lots of other training solutions and recommendations to no avail, several people said she was “too old” to learn.

BUT after following the Bark Busters method, using clear communication in a way she could understand, we completely changed her situation for the better. Even within the first day we saw changes it was AMAZING! It was simple, easy to follow and within a few weeks of consistently following the program her behaviour and our relationship had drastically improved. Lola was well adjusted, stopped barking at everything, she felt more comfortable around people (including children) and we could now leave the room or house completely without barking meltdowns.

The Bark Busters method helped our family and Lola so much, that I decided to become part of the Bark Busters team! Now I have the privilege to help other families have a more healthy happy relationship with their dog! I sit down one on one with each client, outline the behaviours that are causing them stress and how we can change them for the better. Even with difficult behavioural problems like aggression and anxiety, I will work with you to help implement effective solutions.

I have helped many families successfully improve their relationship with their dogs and I am not alone! There are over 300 Bark Busters trainers in 6 countries around the world! The Bark Busters method has successfully helped over 1 million dogs across the globe! We are a passionate group of puppy loving professionals who share knowledge and experience to help achieve the best for our clients.

We teach you how to communicate clearly with your dog in all situations creating lasting changes with both our clients and their dogs! Our focus is on educating clients on how to better understand where their dogs behaviors stem from and how to communicate clearly what we love and what we don’t love, all in a way your dog can understand. Our methods never use force, or punishment and we don’t need treats either!

We believe in our training method so much that it comes with a Written Lifetime Guarantee. This means that, as long as you are doing your part in consistently following the customised plan we provide, we will support you and your dog at any point in its life should you need more assistance.

It's time for action! You are so close to seeing frustrating and stressful behaviours go away. Call us or fill out the contact form below to chat further about your situation and discuss how we can help. If you feel it is right for you, we can set up an appointment and start making progress towards the healthy happy family companion you’ve always wanted.

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"I cant begin to explain how absolutely pleased we are with Tara and her level of knowledge, her sense of love for what she does, and her ability to help us in a way that showed immediate results!!!! From the first 5 minutes tara entered our home, our pack responded (and we have a true pack of 7 dogs). Obviously some things will take time to break old habits but those who come to our home often have been here and are AMAZED at the 180 degree turn in behavior! My barking howling and jumping pack was now silent, obedient and much nicer to greet! I cant espress enough how pleased we are. This is such a non-invasive, loving but leader of the pack type training. All hands off and basically your voice with the aid of a few non harmful tools help gain the results we want. Thank you so much Tara!!!! We will be recommending you and bark busters to everyone we know!!!! It was a pleasurable experience for both us and our pack!!!"

Marianne W - Brooklin, Ontario

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