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Kelly Gould

Behaviour Therapist & Grand Master Trainer

I joined the Bark Busters family in 2018 and have helped close to 1000 families with their dogs. I have a passion for learning and teaching and my background is in psychology and education. This has allowed me to better understand, relate to, and educate people on how to reach their goals and have a great life with their dogs.

Also Serving: Tecumseh, LaSalle, Belle River, Harrow, Kingsville, Blenheim

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What I love about my job

Nothing makes me feel better than seeing a stressed-out dog relax or a stressed-out human have hope. There is a thrill in watching dogs learn and start to figure out what we want from them. Similarly, it’s exciting to see people begin to truly understand their dog’s behaviour and take pride in them when they listen. Training enriches lives, improves bonds and helps us enjoy our dogs more.

Why I became a dog trainer

I became a trainer because of my own dog, a King Shepherd named Charlie. After losing her doggy sibling, Dakota, Charlie became very afraid of the world and would run away from the things that scared her. This could be anything – wind, a car door closing, a leaf skittering on the ground. When she would run, I had no control. I hired Bark Busters and the training turned her world around. She needed a strong leader to feel safe and Bark Busters taught me how to be that person for her. When the opportunity came up to become a trainer and help other people with their dogs, I jumped at it. It is the best choice I have ever made.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Puppy training
  • Separation anxiety in dogs
  • Stopping excessive barking
  • Dog aggression and aggression toward humans
  • Leash training, including leash pulling
  • Stopping dogs from jumping on people
  • Food aggression in dogs and resource guarding
  • Reactive dog training
  • General obedience training
  • And more…
Kelly Gould is one of the most experienced dog trainers in the Windsor and Chatham area. In this video she explains why helping people and helping dogs get positive results in their behaviour is her passion.

Kelly is simply amazing. The way she is able to help you understand how to better communicate with your dog was life-changing. And that’s not overselling. If you are having any problems with your dog, call Kelly. You will not regret it!

Ben Kivell
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Why Bark Busters

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