Severe Dog Behaviour Issues

Are your dog’s behavior problems stressing you out? We are here for you.

At Bark Busters, our trainers have the knowledge and experience needed to handle even the most “difficult” dogs. Drawing on these resources, we’ll give you a well-behaved dog and an end to your stress.

Our programs are perfect for you if your dog has behavior issues like:

  • Canine Separation anxiety - usually accompanied by barking and destruction of property
  • Dog Aggression or aggression toward humans
  • Excessive or intimidating barking
  • Nervousness or a lack of confidence around other dogs
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders (yes, even dogs get them!)

We’ll help you resolve your dog’s behavior issues in just a few one-on-one training sessions. The first of these, the initial session, takes about 3 hours and consists of the following:

  • Situation Assessment: We’ll conduct a detailed interview with you to determine the true source of the problem. We’ll also assess your dog’s temperament and their environment. These considerations will enable us to develop a plan of action that’s perfectly suited to your dog.

  • Explanation of the Bark Busters Technique: We’ll clearly explain the theory behind our techniques so you can be fully involved.

  • Coaching and Implementation: Once we determine the best course of action, we’ll coach you on how to implement our techniques. This will make your dog see you as the leader, not us. So your dog will continue to be well-behaved long after we’ve left.

  • Homework: We’ll leave you with a written plan to follow. This plan allows your dog to continue improving, building on the results achieved in the first session.

Subsequent sessions will typically last about 1½ hours. The exact number of visits varies greatly depending on your dog’s own situation. Many of the dogs show dramatic improvements in just one session. Others require many additional visits. And most fall somewhere in the middle.

Whatever your situation, we’ll keep coming back for as many follow-ups as needed. And it won’t cost you anything beyond a one-time flat fee. Just make sure you follow the program and do the homework we leave you. That’s the key to lasting change. If you can do that, we’ll be there as often as needed to give you the well-behaved dog you deserve.

We offer unlimited follow-ups because we’re confident that Bark Busters works. Our program will work for both you and your dog because it’s:

  • Fully customized: The program we provide is customized to your specific concerns, the results you desire, your environment, and your dog’s own unique situation.

  • Distraction-free: All training is held in your home, a distraction-free environment, where your dog can focus and rapidly change their behavior. Plus, by training in your home, we’re fixing your dog’s problems at the place where they really happen.

  • Collaborative: We teach you as well, so you’ll know exactly what to do with your dog after we leave.

  • Guaranteed for life: Your results are backed by our written lifetime guarantee. As long as you follow the plan we prescribe, we’ll return free-of-charge at any time during your dog’s life, in the unlikely event that the issues we’ve handled come back or new ones emerge.

Take the first step today, toward a less stressful relationship with your dog!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your trainer will start by talking to you about the background, discussing the issues, learning about you (and your family if it applies), and determining your wishes for your dog's behaviour. We will then come up with your training priorities and goals. Then your trainer will teach you the Bark Busters technique. We want you to fully understand the theory behind our approach so you can get the best results going forward. Then we start working with you and your dog. A big part of what we are doing is coaching you on the techniques. We want your dog to be looking to you as the leader and not us. That ensures you get results long after we leave. It also builds your dogs trust in you.
Cost depends on your dog, the number of dogs involved, the issues, and your location. Typically this ranges from $895 to $1995. For an accurate quote, speak to your local Bark Busters office at 1-866-418-4584 or email us requesting a call back.
This depends on your dog and your needs. Some people are delighted with the results after one session. Others have more persistent problems and need multiple sessions. In essence you are paying to get the results. It is a flat fee, so if your case is more difficult than most, you don't pay anything extra.
Bark Busters has developed our own proprietary and highly effective method. It is a balanced approach that relies on the same communication system dogs use (yes..we speak dog!) to show them what you want and what you don't want.
Sometimes the case calls for the use of food to build positive associations, however ours is not a treat based reward system. We would like your dog to be motivated by your praise and positive attention. You always have your praise. You don't always have access to food treats.
NO. Pain and fear do not work. Clear communication is our key to getting great results and building a trusting and positive relationship.