Puppy Training - Like You've Never Seen It.

When it comes to puppy training, Bark Busters definitely leads the pack.

The big difference with Bark Busters puppy training is that we are there with you in the beginning and ALSO with you as your dog gets older. We will be there for you to see you through the typical puppy behaviours with the least amount of frustration. We will help you develop a solid and trusting relationship. And then we will continue to work with you to help your dog be a beloved, well mannered adolescent dog that you will cherish as part of your life and your family.

In working with you, we'll be using a time-tested process. We begin with an introductory session. During that time, we'll discuss what you expect for your puppy. Do you expect your pup, for example, to stay off the furniture? If so, this is exactly the kind of expectation we need to get clear on at the beginning, in order to design the most effective training program possible.

Once we've heard your expectations, we'll then work with you to develop the training program. We'll also give you practical advice on issues that frustrate most owners - toilet training, play biting, jumping, and more.

As your dog gets older and their attention span increases, we can cover more complex issues. These issues include not pulling on the leash and avoiding distractions like squirrels.

From there, our training program can get even more customized. Having laid the basic framework, we'll be in a position to help you change nearly any other frustrating behaviours your dog has.

We'll also be able to help you should anything unexpected come up. If, for instance, your dog starts barking at guests or doesn't adjust well to a new baby in the family; you can count on us. We'll be there for you. Just give us a call and we'll arrange an appointment to come out and help you.

In this case, you can relax knowing we're not starting from scratch. Instead, we're building on the training we've already done with your dog. This means that, based on our experiences, new issues can usually be resolved in less than a few hours.

Ready for the ultimate in puppy training?

We'd love to help you, whether you're a first-time puppy owner or are welcoming another puppy into your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your trainer will start by talking to you about the background, discussing the issues, learning about you (and your family if it applies), and determining your wishes for your dog's behaviour. We will then come up with your training priorities and goals. Then your trainer will teach you the Bark Busters technique. We want you to fully understand the theory behind our approach so you can get the best results going forward. Then we start working with you and your dog. A big part of what we are doing is coaching you on the techniques. We want your dog to be looking to you as the leader and not us. That ensures you get results long after we leave. It also builds your dogs trust in you.
Cost depends on your dog, the number of dogs involved, the issues, and your location. Typically this ranges from $895 to $1995. For an accurate quote, speak to your local Bark Busters office at 1-866-418-4584 or email us requesting a call back.
This depends on your dog and your needs. Some people are delighted with the results after one session. Others have more persistent problems and need multiple sessions. In essence you are paying to get the results. It is a flat fee, so if your case is more difficult than most, you don't pay anything extra.
Bark Busters has developed our own proprietary and highly effective method. It is a balanced approach that relies on the same communication system dogs use (yes..we speak dog!) to show them what you want and what you don't want.
Sometimes the case calls for the use of food to build positive associations, however ours is not a treat based reward system. We would like your dog to be motivated by your praise and positive attention. You always have your praise. You don't always have access to food treats.
NO. Pain and fear do not work. Clear communication is our key to getting great results and building a trusting and positive relationship.