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Dog Training in London

Kelly Pollard

Behaviour Therapist and Trainer
Servicing Areas:
London Ontario St. Thomas Strathroy Sarnia Woodstock and surrounding areas

Call free: 866.418.4584

COVID-19 Update: Please note that as of June 1st, 2021 I have received my SECOND Covid-19 vaccine. I still wear a mask and respect social distancing protocols but I am happy to be back to seeing 100% of my clients in person for in-home.

At the beginning of Covid-19 - We implemented an individualized Video Conference training program (using Zoom). We saw incredible success for even the most serious behaviour issues. Whether you have a puppy and want to get him started out on the right track, have moderate issues like jumping up, barking or pulling on leash, or are dealing with serious issues such as aggression or Separation Anxiety - you can still begin training in the comfort of your own home, with either "In person" lesson (as long as another lock down doesn't happen) and as long as we all wear masks and can pass the typical Covid Screen Questionnaires.......... or by Video Conferencing if you feel more comfortable doing it that way.

Contact me if you would like to learn more and would like to get started building a better relationship with your dog.

I first came to Bark Busters twelve years ago as a client who desperately needed to get my 9 month old dachshund (Leo) to stop barking. If you know dachshunds you know they can be VERY big barkers. It was imperative to stop the barking because Leo has a serious medical condition which is made worse when he barks.

I came into the world of dog ownership many years ago and quite frankly, I am smitten with them. I find the canine brain fascinating and watched many, many t.v. shows and read lots of books on dog training but I still couldn't manage to make them understand I didn't want them to bark. This is where Bark Busters helped me. In a small space of time and with a little work - my dogs are much calmer, more responsive and most importantly -- quieter! The satisfaction of having a well tuned relationship with your dog is amazing!

As a fully trained Bark Buster, I will coach you in the knowledge, and tools you need to communicate with your dog in a language he understands. This ensures that unwanted behaviors gets resolved and stays resolved.
Bark Busters methods are effective and easy to use. It is a patented approach which has been successful 30 years! We have the skills to diagnose any dog, any age and any issue. Call today to get more information or to book a lesson. Your dog will thank you for it.

Leash training Barking Puppy Training Separation anxiety Aggression Jumping General obedience training And more...

Niko - Beagle/Australian Shepherd

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression, Other

"So far Niko and I have had an awesome experience with Kelly. I was so intrigued to learn how to better communicate with Niko, and I am noticing positive changes already. She made the lesson interesting and fun! I'm looking forward to more lessons with Niko and Kelly."

Jessie B - London, Ontario

Spartan - Australian Cattle Dog

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression, Other

"Weve only had one lesson with Kelly Pollard and she was exceptional! Albeit the lesson was online, we learned so much from her. The training and homework is clear. Our understanding of dog psychology is greater and, most of all, Kelly's availability to answer our questions is beyond all our expectations of this program. I would recommend this program to any dog owner."

Tania T - London, Ontario

Lennon - Labrador Retriever

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression, Barking, Jumping, Pulling, Sibling rivalry

"Everything explained just made so much sense and now every waking moment is a training moment and it’s mind blowing how my dogs respond so quickly to your training advice. Yes they have definitely been challenging as I was told they would but consistency is key :)"

Mandy P - London, Ontario

"Our trainer Kelly is very good. And she is attentive to questions and enjoys our feedback with questions or comments. Our pup is quite a bit calmer now even after about 3 weeks of working on new skills with her. If she does become hyper with a new or exciting situation we’ve learned why she can’t respond well during that episode but also how to deal with her calmly. We are happy for us, and happy for our pup! Thank you, Kelly."

Linda C - London, Ontario

"We originally signed up for bark busters in 2014 after carefully reviewing the trainers in our area. We met Grady O'Flynn who quickly got to work teaching us how to help our dog Peanut be more calm around new environments and new people. In 2018, we moved to a new home and are anxiously awaiting our first child. The change in routine and setting was not an easy adjustment for Peanut. Wanting to put him back in a peaceful state-of-mind and prepare us with the tools to help him, I gave bark busters a call. Even though it had been 4 years, they instantly put us in contact with Kelly, the new trainer for the area. Kelly has been working with my wife and I, to provide us with the teaching tools to help peanut. We're already seeing definite improvement and have clear steps in mind to continue. Kelly is readily available, open-minded, and is always looking out for peanuts best interests. I'm thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness and preparation she brings to every interaction."

Jordan G - London, Ontario

"Kelly is fantastic. We have already learnt so much from her."

Meghann H - Ailsa Craig, Ontario

"Kelly has been an amazing support in helping us understand Bailey! We couldn't be happier with the results we have seen so far. I highly recommend Kelly for her knowledge, support and flexible schedule. Thank you Kelly!"

Michelle S - London, Ontario

""we started to see a difference in all the dogs, in just 3 days !"

Allison M - London, Ontario

"Kelly is great with helping with Jazzy. First few weeks I saw improvement with Jazz and it didn't get better as I thought. This past week Kelly came and Pointed out that Jazzy wasn't totally calm and I had to make her stay longer when visitors came over. Since Kelly pointed my error out I am really seeing great results and Jazzy is really starting to see me as her pack leader. Kelly has me feeling that I am capable of training Jazz the correct way. I truly feel that Jazzy and I are on the right track. I really liked how Kelly would email me and again told me all she had in the past. I would recommend Kelly without a doubt to family and friends."

Shirley W - London, Ontario

"I contacted BarkBusters to help me walk my dog who is afraid of anything and everything. I learned a lot about my own behaviour that that could be changed to help the process. By our second lesson, we were walking on sidewalks with cars passing by and construction noise in the background - such a turn around! I’m so pleased with what my dog and I have learned so far. It truly is a better way to a better dog."

Valerie K - London, Ontario

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