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Dog training in Hamilton, Brantford, Niagara

Michelle Bailey and Linda Anderson-Thomas

Behaviour Therapists and Master Trainers
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Hamilton Niagara Brantford and surrounding areas

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Why didn’t we do this sooner?” That’s what we hear time, and time again.

You’ve come here because you are looking for a solution. Maybe your dog has some annoying issues like barking, getting into the garbage, or jumping on guests. Maybe your dog has more serious issues like growling, snapping or even biting people or other dogs. Maybe you’re a puppy owner who doesn’t want any of these things to start in the first place! You may have seen all the videos, read all the books, maybe even been to all the classes. From prevention to rehabilitation - no matter what issues you are having with your dog, you can count on us for the solution!

We’re Michelle and Linda, your Bark Busters dog trainers in Hamilton, Brantford, and the Niagara Region. We have each been life-long pet owners and dog rescuers, but first came to Bark Busters just like a many of you - as frustrated dog owners, and desperate for help!

Michelle had serious aggression problems with her Red Heeler mix, and a baby on the way. Faced with choosing between baby or dog, she contacted Bark Busters. Bark Busters showed Michelle tools and techniques for a happy household.
Linda was living with a pack of three dogs with severe separation anxiety, fear aggression and sibling rivalry. Nothing was working, until she contacted Bark Busters. After the first session, the techniques and insight into dog behaviour changed her family and her dogs lives.

We love sharing that same joy with you. We love that “lightbulb” moment when dog owners realize there IS a better way. You don’t need to struggle with your dog. We’ve both been there. We know what it’s like. We don’t judge you for what you’ve done or not done. Let us help you understand, educate your dog and have the peace of mind that you always have support from Bark Busters!

If you are in the Hamilton, Niagara, Brant, or Haldimand-Norfolk areas, please call 1-866-418-4584 or fill out the form below to get started!

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Sabre - Belgian Malinois

Bark Busters helped with: Other

"Yesterday was the first day of our new dog training program with Michelle from Bark Busters. Due to COVID this first lesson was conducted through Zoom and I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first but I could not have been more wrong. In one lesson which lasted just over an hour Michelle was able to train my wife and I and show us how to train our dog. The difference in only one hour is truly remarkable and we cannot wait for our next lesson which will be in person. Michelle took us through several exercises and was able to give live feedback as we went through each task. Michelle is highly qualified and has a great approach to the training with the perfect mix of professionalism, kindness and humour. You do not have to struggle with your dog who only wants to please you and needs the proper structure in their lives to feel safe and comfortable. The amount of stress relief Michelle gave us after only one day is incredible!"

Peter M - Ancaster, Ontario

Parker - Bulldog

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Pulling, Other

"I cannot say enough good things about Bark Busters. We took our puppy there who was very strong and strong willed at the time and had trouble listening and minding his manners! Michelle was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was professional, friendly, very informative and has a good sense of humor! Which always makes anything more fun and pleasant "

Karissa K - Hamilton, Ontario

Jasmine - Shiba Inu cross

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression, Barking, Pulling

"My wife and I are writing this review after working with Michelle for only one week, and we are absolutely amazed by the immediate results we’ve experienced, and needless to say we are very happy she is helping us. Our dog Jasmine, who we rescued from the streets while travelling through Thailand is just over two years now, and displays erratic behaviours that we simply didn’t understand or know how to deal with. Jasmine will lunge at some dogs and some people, she is always on high alert, especially in and around our building, and it’s challenging to have her interact with others and meet other dogs simply because she can get aggressive. After just one 90 minute Zoom session with Michelle our life changed. We were left with not only a better understanding of Jasmine’s behaviors and a new perspective on how and why we should train her, but also with a few simple and subtle tactics that resulted in immediate behavioural changes. From the end of that session to now, our walks with Jasmine have been so much easier, she is passing people and dogs (even in close proximity) without any lunging or displays of aggression, and she is even more relaxed around the home. It is really quite remarkable! We certainly have lots of work and dedication ahead of us, but we are absolutely stunned and so pleased with what we have experienced thus far. Michelle is super kind and accommodating, and more importantly she is very confident in her knowledge and expertise. We were completely open to that, and we experienced immediate positive results."

Michael S - Hamilton, Ontario

Ollie - Beagle

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Jumping, Pulling

"I am so happy I contacted Bark Busters, and wish I had done it sooner. We had Michelle as our trainer and in just one session done via zoom we had seen a huge improvement in our little stubborn beagle Ollie. She taught us some great techniques that have worked so well . Our dog has responded so well to the training. I’m beyond pleased and would highly recommend Bark Busters."

Ava V - Binbrook, Ontario

Charlie - Maltese

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Recall, Other

"Michelle has been so great to work with! Even by Zoom, her sessions were incredibly effective and we saw a night and day difference with our dog immediately! Highly recommend working with her -- she's wonderful!"

Christie R - Hamilton, Ontario

Tuuka - Great Pyranees

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression, Barking

"Michelle and Bark Busters has changed my life, literally. I was at the point when I was ready to give my dog away because I could NOT make him listen to me. He had already nipped at someone (last summer) and became very mean towards strangers. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t trust him around anyone without the fear of him biting someone and for sure biting someone’s tires. I contacted Bark Busters and they introduced me into Michelle. In one zoom call (because of Covid-19), I was able to take control of my dog and actually get him to listen to me! Most importantly, I gained my confidence back and watched my dog look at me like he had been waiting his whole life for me to tell him what to do. After that one zoom call with Michelle, I could feel the leadership shift from my dog, back to the adults in my house. After 10 days of practicing with my dog, we were ready to move on to the next step. Michelle visited our house and I thought for sure my dog was going try to eat her. While he was curious about her, as she is complete stranger to our home, I was able to control him and have him sit calmly by my side (on leash of course). We practices a few more exercises and by the time Michelle left my home, my dog didn’t even have any interest in chasing her down the lane way and biting her tires. Fast forward today (2 days after Michelle’s outside visit to my home), I was able to have my dog sit calmly by my side and watch a vehicle drive up my (very long) laneway, and he didn’t bark a single time. Not only did he not bark, he did NOT try to bite their tires, or bark like he wanted to eat them! I am so glad I made that call I highly recommend Bark Busters if you are having any difficulties with your dog. If you practice on a daily basis what they ask you to try out, you will get results."

June S - Hagersville, Ontario

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