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Kim Madsen, Dog Trainer and behaviour Therapist - Bark Busters

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Kim Madsen

Behaviour Therapist and Trainer

In March 2020, I joined Bark Busters after an extensive career in land development and satisfied a life-long dream of re-living my first career, working with dogs. In my early 20’s I worked as a veterinary assistant in Alberta and the love of working with dogs and other companion animals stayed with me throughout my life. When the opportunity came up to join Bark Busters I jumped at it and it was a dream come true. I now live on an acreage with my three dogs – two of which are rescues and I also volunteer my time for local, national and international dog rescues to foster, train and re-home and provide ongoing placement assessments and training.

Also Serving: Penticton, Salmon Arm, Peachland, West Kelowna

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What I love about my job

Every day is a new day – I get to work with dogs for a living which is truly not work! I’ve met wonderful clients who have become friends, watched their dogs evolve and the relationship between the dog and the owner change in beautiful ways. It is an enriching, rewarding role to be honored with, and it truly puts me in service for the betterment of the dog’s life and the family.

Why I became a trainer

Throughout my lifetime I had adopted strays and took in abandoned dogs in need of a new home. We always had more than one dog in the home with us and I always dreamt of becoming a trainer. When my great dane, Daisy, was in need of help to deal with her fear aggression due to a previous dog attack it was my opportunity to put training into action, and with some hard work and faith in the Bark Busters system, it paid off and she lived out the rest of her time with us without any fear aggression towards other dogs. With Daisy’s success story I knew it would work for other dogs, and I was committed.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Puppy training
  • Separation anxiety in dogs
  • Stopping excessive barking
  • Dog aggression and aggression towards humans
  • Leash training, including leash pulling
  • Stopping dogs jumping on people
  • Food aggression in dogs and resource guarding
  • Reactive dog training
  • General obedience training
  • And more...
My dog has always had aggressive, reactive, stubborn behaviour. We take so much value in everything Kim teaches us and we will hold onto it for the rest of our lives. We have gone from being afraid to going on family camping trips and walking her in public places to doing them all with confidence. Olivia Kalinczuk
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