30 October 2017

Why Retractable Leashes Can Be Dangerous

Retractable leashes may seem like a great idea. After all, they allow your dog the freedom to move further away from you without actually being unleashed. However, these devices should be used with caution. There are a number of hazards associated with the use of retractable leashes. Here’s why these types of leashes can be dangerous for your pet.

Poorly designed

Retractable leashes are great in theory, but in reality, their design is pretty flawed. The mechanism that winds and retracts the leash can get tangled, preventing the lead from extending or retracting. If it gets stuck while it’s fully extended, you’ll have less control over your dog and he may get too far ahead of you, even out of sight.

The cord on retractable leashes is very thin, much thinner than on a typical leash. This allows for a longer cord to be rolled up inside the handle of the leash, but it also means that the cord could possibly snap, putting your pet in danger. A severed cord can also be hazardous for pet owners as it can tangle around fingers, potentially severing them.

Too much freedom for your pet

With some retractable leashes extending as far as 26 feet, you might be giving your pet too much freedom. At such long lengths, your pet may get out of your line of sight. This can mean that your pet turns corners before you do and they can possibly dash out into the street before you realize that it’s a hazard. There’s also the very real possibility that other dogs or humans could pose a threat to your pet once he’s out of your sight.

Tripping and falling hazard

A long leash isn’t just a potential hazard for your pet, it could be dangerous for you, too. It’s easy to get the long cord on your retractable leash tangled up with obstacles or even your own legs if your dog is very excitable. And if your dog bolts, the longer leash might make you misjudge how strong your pet’s pull is, potentially knocking you off balance and causing you to fall.

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