14 January 2019

Why Dogs Don't Make Good Holiday Presents

The thought of giving a dog or puppy as a holiday gift might seem like a great idea. After all, is there anything cuter than finding an adorable puppy under your Christmas tree? The reality of giving a dog as a gift is very different. There's much more to consider than most people realize. Here's why dogs don't make good holiday presents.

A busy time of year

The holidays are a busy time of year for most people. Besides hosting or attending holiday gatherings, many people are travelling to visit friends and family or running holiday errands. One thing that most people don't have around the holidays is extra time to train and settle a new dog.

Puppies especially require a big time commitment. A new puppy needs near constant attention and will need lots of help with potty training, too. They need to be trained in how to behave properly, but if the new pet owners are too busy to do this, it could set them up for problems later on.

Holiday dangers

Busy holiday households are also full of risks for dogs that aren't accustomed to their surroundings. With lots of visitors coming and going, a new dog could be frightened and dart out the door into traffic. He could find himself being stepped on in busy kitchens where owners aren't used to having a puppy. Shiny ornaments that look great for chewing could be dangerous for a puppy, as can holiday plants such as poinsettias.

Better options

If you have your heart set on giving a dog as a gift, why not give your recipient books on dog care, supplies such as a collar and leash, and a gift certificate for training sessions? You can also pre-pay the adoption fee at your local shelter so your recipient can pick the perfect pooch after the holidays, when life is calmer and everyone has more time to devote to the new dog.

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