8 February 2018

Understand the Importance of Dog Training

Training your dog isn’t a luxury or a ‘cute’ idea. It has a greater importance than most people realize. It’s also not something that just anyone can do, especially without an understanding of how dogs think and behave. Here is some information to help you understand the importance of dog training.

Pack leaders and stress

Dogs are pack animals. They need to know that there is a clear pack leader or they will attempt to assume that role themselves. This can actually be stressful for the dog because they will feel compelled to challenge any displays of authority that eventually arise.

Your dog wants a clear leader to follow, and that leader should be you. By setting clear expectations for behaviour, you are removing the stress and uncertainty that can plague your dog otherwise.

Training and safety

Unfortunately, dogs can slip out of their collar or leash at the most inopportune moments. If your dog happens to get away from you, good training can literally be a lifesaver. If your dog knows the command for ‘heel’ or even ‘stay’, it could prevent them from darting out in front of a moving vehicle or in the path of some other danger.

Training and socialization

Your dog needs to be able to go out into the world and safely socialize with other dogs and humans. Whether it’s going to the dog park or just going to the vet’s, a dog who can follow commands will be calmer and safer than one who is reacting to everything with uncertainty. Even if you never leave your home, your dog needs to feel secure when others come to visit. Training can help your dog understand what is expected of him when visitors arrive, making the experience better for everyone involved.

Training to overcome problem behaviours

Many times dogs that are rehomed or sent to animal shelters are turned in because of problematic behaviours. If you take the time to train your dog, these behaviours will cease to be problematic. Also consider that dogs with basic training stand a better chance of being rehomed permanently. If something should happen to the owner, a dog stands a much better chance of finding a new home if he’s trained.

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