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Understand How Using Your Hands Impacts Your Dog

Training a dog properly takes time, and we know that when you're feeling tired and frustrated it can be tempting to use your hands to make your dog do what you want. Here's why that approach does more harm than good.

Trust is everything

Remember that your dog makes choices using dog logic, and you are using human logic

Above all else, your dog needs to be able to trust that you have their best interests at heart. It may seem obvious that an unexpected swat could break that trust, but know that even innocent grabs can have the same effect.

Grabbing your dog by their body or collar to force them to move or stop might make sense to the human in the moment, but it's jarring to the dog, and they won't necessarily know why you've done it. In fact, it can make your dog wary of any contact. They may become less willing to follow your directions, because they won’t be able to anticipate whether or not they’ll be grabbed when they do.

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