14 January 2019

How to Choose a Leash for Your Dog

Your dog’s leash is more than just a fun fashion accessory. It’s one of the most important training tools you’ll use and the right leash can help your pet stay safe. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right leash for your dog.

Longer Leashes Aren’t Better Leashes

In fact, they can put your pet at serious risk, especially if you’re using a retractable leash. Most retractable leashes have a whole host of problems for your pet. First, they tend to extend much further than is safe for your pet. You can’t control your dog on a 26 foot leash, and many extendable leashes extend this far.

If your dog is on a very long leash and is approached by an aggressive dog, you may find it difficult or impossible to control the situation. Also, your dog could tangle himself or bystanders up in an overly long leash, leading to injuries for your pet or someone else.

Extendable leashes also jerk your dog towards you when they retract, which can cause injury to your dog’s spine or neck. Retractable cords can also fray and break with repeated retractions, putting your pet (and yourself) at risk of injury from the flying cord as it’s being retracted.

Extendable/retractable leashes give your dog too much freedom and control. It may seem nice to let your dog have more room to explore, but once he’s too far from you, he’ll be harder to control, especially if you’re still trying to train him to respond to commands.

The right leash

The best leash for your dog is one that is sturdy and has a length of no more than about six feet. This is plenty of room for your dog to explore, but still short enough to keep you in control of his position at all times. It won’t allow your dog to get too far ahead and it won’t encourage him to pull away as quickly and as far as he can. In short, it gives your dog well-defined boundaries when you’re walking, which is important when you’re training your pet and beyond.

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