28 November 2016

Car Safety - Dog Seatbelts

You always wear your seatbelt when you ride in a car, but do you use one for your dog? Safety should be a priority for your pet every time you get in the car, so here are some reasons why you should use a harness, crate, or dog seatbelt when your pet goes in the car with you.

You want to keep your dog safe

What happens to a person who isn’t wearing their seatbelt when you slam on the brakes suddenly? The same thing happens to a dog who isn’t wearing a seatbelt, and it can be very dangerous. Your dog could get hurt being thrown against a seat or the dashboard of the car, or even thrown out of an open window.

If you were in a car accident and your dog isn’t restrained,your pet could be ejected from the vehicle and killed, or could escape from the car and run into the path of another vehicle. If emergency services are required, an unrestrained dog could become fearful and aggressive towards the very people who are there to help you.

If your dog has a tendency to hang its head out of the window, there’s a real risk that debris could injure your pet’s eyes. Even tiny bits of dust and gravel can be a problem when you’re driving down a highway, but using a dog seatbelt or travel crate keeps your pet inside the car where he’ll be safe.

You want to keep your passengers safe

Driving a car is hard enough without having the added distraction of a furry friend climbing around and over you. An unrestrained dog becomes a dangerous moving object when you break suddenly. You or one of your passengers could be hurt by your pet, so use a seatbelt or travel crate to keep everyone safe.

You want your dog to be comfortable

A properly fitted dog seatbelt will eliminate the need for your dog to constantly brace himself against the movement of the car. He’ll feel more comfortable and more secure with a seatbelt and could have added comfort in his familiar, cozy crate.

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