Autumn Safety Tips for your Dog

Autumn means cooler weather and frolicking in the leaves, but it also means potential hazards for your dog. Indoors and out, these autumn safety tips will help keep your four-legged friend safe all season long.

Toxic treats

Autumn’s cooler weather brings on a burst of mushroom growth in some areas. While most mushrooms are harmless, some are extremely toxic to your pet. Try to keep your pet away from any mushrooms that you find growing outside to minimize the risk of accidental poisoning.

Another fall favourite you might find in your garden in the autumn is also toxic to dogs. Daffodil bulbs (and many other types of plant bulbs) are highly toxic to dogs. Be sure to plant these where your dog can’t dig them back up and eat them.

Horse chestnuts may seem like fun chew toys, but they can be toxic if swallowed by your pet. They can also pose a big choking hazard to curious pups. Rake these up if they’re in your yard to keep your pet safe.

Wildlife hazards

Animals that hibernate for the winter can become especially irritable in the autumn. Be on the lookout for snakes, especially poisonous ones like rattlesnakes, which may be more likely to bite a curious dog during the autumn months.

Household hazards

Many households put out poison to kill and repel rodents during the cooler months of autumn and winter. Make sure you keep these out of reach of your pet and be aware that your neighbours may also be using poison for pest control.

Another household hazard that can be overlooked is mothballs, which are often used wherever winter clothing is stored. Don’t overlook a mothball dropped in your home—if your dog eats it, it could make him very sick or even kill him.

Darker days, dangerous for pets

Swap out your pet’s regular collar for one with a reflective finish for those evenings when you take a stroll with your pet. Remember to wear your own reflective clothing to keep yourself safe, too.

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