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Brenda Ray

Behaviour Therapist & Grand Master Trainer

I have been a Bark Busters trainer since 2006 and have helped over 1000 dogs and families. I started my professional life with a degree in computer science and worked in a related field, however, my love of dogs and passion for training took my career in a wonderfully different direction. When I am not training, I enjoy time with my family, volunteering at the OSPCA and local shelters as well as contributing articles to community newspapers.

Also Serving: District of Muskoka, Counties Dufferin, Grey, Bruce, Haliburton, Wellington
North and Huron North.

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What I love about my job

I am very family oriented so the opportunity to work closely with both dogs and families is a perfect fit for me. I want everyone to stay happy for the long term. Helping teach owners to train their dogs ensures issues stay resolved. Pets enrich our lives by loving us unconditionally and giving us another reason to get up in the morning. They are also good for our health and improving their well-being is the least they deserve.

Why I became a dog trainer

I’ve always loved animals, but dogs in particular. As a teenager, I had a standard poodle named Peppy. She was my first training success. I worked with her and entered her in the local performance shows where she cleaned up! Once I was married, we brought home a happy little terrier cross named Chester and I can vouch for the fact that growing up with pets instilled a love of animals in my children. I want other families to experience that same love.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Puppy training
  • Separation anxiety in dogs
  • Stopping excessive barking
  • Dog aggression and aggression toward humans
  • Leash training, including leash pulling
  • Stopping dogs from jumping on people
  • Food aggression in dogs and resource guarding
  • Reactive dog training
  • General obedience training
  • And more…
Brenda Ray is one of the most experienced dog trainers in Barrie and throughout Simcoe, Muskoka, Grey and Bruce Counties. In this video she explains why helping people and helping dogs get positive results in their behaviour is her passion. Brenda has been an integral part of the Bark Busters dog training organisation for the past 17 years and has helped thousands of dogs.

I was at my wits end with my 7 month old Boston Terrier puppy. Brenda was able to give me the tools and train me how to use them to understand and change his behaviours. Now I have a puppy who is a joy to have around.

Sherry Young
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