Understanding Dog Aggression
By understanding the reasons for the aggression and addressing them, you can help your dog overcome aggressive behaviours.
Aggression is one of the most unwanted and least understood behaviours in dogs. Many dog owners fear that aggression can’t be treated, which could mean giving up their beloved pet.

What you need to know about dog aggression:

Multiple types, one root cause

Although your dog may suffer from one of many different types of aggression, all forms stem from the same cause: fear. Whether your dog fears losing his food, fears being attacked on his home territory, or fears abuse from humans, the reaction will be the same.

Dogs who are in pain or under the influence of medications may fear a loss of control. Dogs that have been mistreated previously may be aggressive with new humans they encounter. Each different type of aggression (aggressive over food, aggressive with new people, territorial aggression, etc.) needs to be dealt with individually.

If your dog has several forms of aggression, it may take a great deal of behavioural training to get the problem under control, so be patient and follow your trainer’s instructions.