Supporting Your Dog When They Lose a Friend

Just like humans, dogs struggle with the loss of a close companion, but there are a few ways that you can help each other through your grief.


Having two dogs may be double the love, but if one of those dogs passes away, you won’t be the only one who’s mourning. Your dog can also experience deep grief, especially if they were raised with the dog that has passed away. Here’s how you can help each other through it.

Give your dog extra attention

If you know that your dog is about to lose their companion, prepare them as much as possible by spending extra time alone with them. Let them get used to doing things without the other dog, give them extra cuddles and time alone with you. This will help develop the habit of being an only pet before it comes to fruition.

After the death of your other dog, it’s natural for your remaining dog to grieve. They may not want to eat or play their usual games with you, but give them extra rewards and try to stick to your normal routine. This will help ease your pet into the transition of being an only pet.

Stay active

Keeping your dog active can be a good way to distract them from their grief. Walks can be therapeutic for you both, and playing games can help make things feel more normal. Pour your grief into loving and supporting your remaining pet and you’ll both heal more quickly.

Don’t rush into getting another dog

It may feel like the best thing to do, but avoid bringing a new dog into your home right away. You and your pet need time to grieve, and forcing your dog to negotiate a new family member could overload them.

Be patient and offer unlimited love. You have both lost a friend and it will take time to heal from the loss.