How to Stop your Dog Pulling on the Leash

Walking your dog should be a pleasant experience for both of you, but unfortunately it can often turn into a battle of wills that leaves you feeling stressed and annoyed.


Tips to teach your dog to follow instead of lead:

Begin leading before you leave the house

Initiate each walk by calmly calling your dog to you instead of going to your dog to put the leash on. This establishes you as leading and your dog will be more likely to listen to you when you go outside.

Don’t let your dog rush out the door or lead you down the stairs or to the driveway. A dog should learn to stay beside or slightly behind you so he can see you and follow your lead. It will help your dog feel more comfortable and trust your leadership during the walk.

Keep your dog’s attention

Praise your dog as he follows you and encourage him to look to you for guidance. An excited, unfocused dog can get distracted and could lunge at a distraction or even pull you into the path of danger. By challenging him to follow, you work his brain and give him a purpose on his walk.

Don’t let your dog mark territory

Lead your dog to an area to do his business before you begin your actual walk. Don’t allow him to mark territory everywhere you go. Keep him focused and moving so he’s not tempted to leave his scent every few feet.