Avoid the Winter Dog Blues

Don’t let winter worry your pet–use these tips to keep your dog happy and healthy all winter long.


The ‘winter blues’ aren’t just for humans. Your pet can get down in the dumps during icy weather, too. Don’t let winter worry your pet–use these tips to keep your dog happy and healthy all winter long.

Get your exercise

Cold weather can make it tempting to skip those daily walks, but lethargy can actually lead to boredom and unwanted behaviours in your dog. Try to get out for walks, even short ones, every day. If a walk isn’t in the cards, at least make sure you’re playing indoor games to keep your dog from getting bored.

Protect those paws

Nothing will give your dog the blues like a case of poorly paws, so make sure you protect your pooch’s feet when you do venture outside. Ice can penetrate the soft skin between your dog’s toe pads. Chemicals from street de-icers and salt compounds can irritate the paws, too. Plus, if your dog walks on these chemicals and then licks them off, they can make your dog very ill.

Watch for eye problems

Cold weather may make your dog’s eyes sting, but being indoors with dry heat on constantly can lead to dry eye. Watch for any signs of irritation, such as redness or excessive mucous around the eyes. Your vet may offer some drops to keep your pet more comfortable during the winter months.

Beware of winter hazards around the home

Your car may require antifreeze during the winter months, but your dog sure doesn’t. Be sure to keep ice melt, antifreeze, and any other harmful chemicals out of your dog’s reach. These often have an appealing taste that hides just how deadly they are for animals.

Also, be careful with free standing space heaters and your pet. An errant tail swish can knock these over and cause a fire. Watch your pet around your fireplace, too. Stray sparks can land on your pet’s fur and cause serious burns. Keep your dog’s bedding away from heaters and fireplaces, too.

Enjoy spending more time with your dog during the winter months. The more you interact with your pet, the happier and healthier he’ll be. For more tips on keeping your dog healthy all year long, visit Bark Busters today.