Back to School Quiz Kids and Dogs

If you have kids who are heading back to school, you may want them to take this quiz. Here are a few questions about how kids should handle dogs during their walk to or from school. Quiz your kids and see if they know the safest way to handle these situations.

Top 10 things to consider for keeping your dog safe and happy:

  1. Should you try and pet a dog that is tied up or eating?
    • A. Only if it looks nice
    • B. No, it could become defensive or aggressive and bite
    • C. If your best friend dares you to.
  2. A dog runs up to you, barking aggressively. What should you do?
    • A. Scream and kick at the dog
    • B. Turn and run away
    • C. Stand still and protect your face with your hands
  3. Observe. Do all dogs feel pain?
    • A. No, just the small, helpless ones.
    • B. Some of them do but there’s no way to tell which ones
    • C. Yes, all dogs feel pain
  4. It’s doggie’s dinner time. Should you:
    • A. Leave the dog alone to eat in peace
    • B. Bring your food and eat beside your dog
    • C. Try to feed the dog with a spoon so he learns good table manners
  5. You meet a new dog for the first time. You should:
    • A. Dive in and give it a big hug to show it you’re friendly
    • B. Put your hand under its nose so it can sniff to see that you’re a friend
    • C. Stand tall and still with your hands resting by your sides. If the dog wants to sniff you, he can.
  6. An excited or aggressive dog knocks you to the ground. What should you do?
    • A. Hit it on the nose to show it who’s boss
    • B. Curl into a ball and cover your face
    • C. Try to wrestle it to the ground and get on top of it
  7. You see a dog and want to give it a treat. Should you:
    • A. Just sneak it to him–no one will care.
    • B. Ask the owner first, then hold the treat near the dog’s mouth so he can eat it.
    • C. Ask the owner, then lay the treat on the ground so the dog can eat it.
  8. Should you ever tease a dog?
    • A. Sure, sometimes it’s just too funny!
    • B. Sometimes, because dogs like to play tease games.
    • C. No. Dogs have feelings and can get confused when teased.
  9. You’re on your bike and a dog chases you. What should you do?
    • A. Stop and chase the dog away by riding towards it.
    • B. Pedal faster!
    • C. Stop your bike and stand behind your bike.
  10. Your ball flies into someone else’s yard. Do you:
    • A. Sneak over and get your ball while no one’s looking.
    • B. Play ‘lookout’ while your kid brother retrieves the ball.
    • C. Ask a grownup to help you retrieve the ball.

Answers: 1(B), 2(C), 3(C), 4(A), 5(C), 6(B), 7(C), 8(C), 9(C), 10(C)