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Brenda Ray

Barrie, The Counties of Simcoe, Muskoka, Parry Sound, Haliburton, Dufferin, Wellington, Perth, Grey and Bruce.

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      Brenda Ray - Local expert for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Barrie.

      “Informed dog owners have happier dogs!”

      Brenda has been working with Bark Busters Home Dog Training since 2006 and has helped over a thousand dogs and families share happier lives. Her success lies in training owners to train their dog. That’s the only way to ensure issues stay resolved and everyone stays happy for the long-term. She active in volunteering time to the OSPCA and local shelters. She regularly contributes articles to community newspapers and was a guest speaker at All About Pets 2010 and Dogfest 2010.

      As a child, Brenda loved animals and dogs in particular. Her first success as a teenager was with her standard poodle, Peppy, who cleaned up at local performance shows. Growing up. After being married, Chester, a happy little terrier cross, was soon welcomed into her young family. Growing up with pets has instilled affection for four-footed critters in both her children who, now grown, love having dogs of their own.

      It’s fitting that this dog-loving family oriented woman is now working closely with both in an important way. “No one’s happy when a dog is misbehaving or disobedient—not the pet and certainly not that pet’s family. Much like kids, dogs require knowledgeable guidance to feel secure. In the wild, dogs know their place in the pack and feel safely protected there.”

      With a degree in Computer Science, Brenda chose work in a related field while raising her family and providing a loving home for the wonderful pets that have been part of her life. “But now I’ve found a way to work with dogs every day in a purely positive way and at the same time, help families have happier, more fulfilling relationships with their dogs. It’s a win-win!”

      Bark Busters philosophy is an excellent fit for me,” Brenda goes on. “Through our exceptional methodology, we’ve created a specialized program that amazingly, within minutes, transforms pets from seemingly incorrigible to cooperative and content. Whoever thinks you can’t teach an old dog new tricks hasn’t tried the Bark Busters way.”

      The furry friend who is part of your life deserves Bark Busters capable care and gentle behaviour modification. “Pets enrich our lives, are good for our health, give us another reason to get up in the morning and love us unconditionally. Improving their well-being is a sound investment.”

      Every dog has its day—let your dog’s begin with Bark Busters and The Rays!

      I'm very pleased so far with the results. I spent an equal amount of money on obedience classes that did not result in changed behaviour at home. This system works. The change was immediate and so far is lasting. Clover is in general much more relaxed and is receiving much more positive reinforcement from everyone because she is a pleasure to be around.

      Linda N. - Barrie, ON

      The training techniques are so simple and easy to learn. The difference in my dog's behavior was even noticed by the neighboors. By the way, thank you for the free training aids!

      Johny B. - Barrie, ON

      Hi Brenda - I just wanted to thank you guys again for the great lesson last Monday. Titan has been much better about handling distractions (and walking in general) now that we know how to correct him and we are trying to challenge him every day to keep reinforcing what he's learned. Yesterday's challenge was to not chase butterflies (ha ha, what a goof!) or bark at the neighbour. Today the challenge was a pair of ducks on the front lawn but he didn't bark. He saw the neighbour later and did not bark in fact barely looked. I was very pleased with him. I also took him to the barn today to hear the chickens and he was excited but stayed quite under control. Thanks also to your wonderful boy, Hunter! We were impressed that he could keep his cool with 80 pounds of nasty coming at him! I know we'll have more to deal with in the future, but we're all really happy with Titan's progress.

      Hermie J. - Shanty Bay, ON

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