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Dog training in Windsor, Chatham and Essex

Kelly Gould

Behaviour Therapist and Trainer
Servicing Areas:
Windsor Essex and Chatham Kent and surrounding areas

Call free: 866.418.4584

Hello! My name is Kelly. I am your local Bark Busters dog trainer and behaviour therapist for the Windsor, Essex, Amherstberg, Leamington, and Chatham areas.

I first came to Bark Busters as a client with a King Shepherd named Charlie who had extreme anxiety. Before training with Bark Busters, Charlie was too afraid to even leave the house. Now she is able to go in the car, go to parks and even play with other dogs. All of this is because of the Bark Busters dog training system and their knowledgeable and caring trainers. So, when the opportunity came along to be a part of the Bark Busters team, I couldn't pass it up. After several years and almost one thousand dog clients later, I still love doing what I do because I get help both my dog and human clients live happier lives together.

If you are feeling frustrated, worried, or confused about how to positively change your dogs behaviour, I am here to help. Whether it is a straight forward issue or a complex and severe behaviour issue, I can help. If others have told you there is no hope, let's talk. I can help. There are very few issues that Bark Busters dog training cannot help you to improve. In most cases, we see a big change in the very first session.

Let me help you build a stronger bond between you and your dog and have a happier life together.

Special Update related to COVID-19: If you are worried about inviting someone into your home, I can still help tackle those frustrating training or behaviour problems. We have implemented an individualized video conference training program and it has proven to be very successful, even for the most serious behaviour issues. Whether you have a puppy and want to get him started out on the right track, or are dealing with serious issues such as aggression, I can help. We can tailor this solution to fit your needs. For example we can start with video conferencing sessions to get you off to the right start and then see you in person when the time is right for you. Contact me and we can discuss your situation and work out a plan to suit you.

Kelly Gould

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Lokey and Roxy - Mix Bouviere and Husky

Bark Busters helped with: Pulling, Other

"Kelly Gould came to our home and literally changed our life! I was embarrassed, as usual, as my 100 lb dog decided to jump up and lay right on our coffee table, while at the same time our other dog was repeatedly climbing all over poor Kelly and trying to take her markers. Kelly stayed calm, professional and in control while my husband and I did our usual frantic “ No, get down, stop it...” all for nothing because both dogs just ignore us completely. She explained how we weren’t speaking in “ dog “ language, and why they weren’t responsive to our human ways. I really needed to hear her tell me that I wasn’t a bad “ dog mom” if I didn’t jump up and react to every little thing my dogs tried to demand of me. She comforted me so much when she assured me that I wasn’t a bad mom, and my dogs weren’t bad dogs, we were simply speaking two different languages. My good intentions, and my dogs’, were simply always getting lost in translation. Kelly stayed for the whole afternoon, she taught us so much information and went through it all step by step and answered all our questions clearly. She did a bunch of different exercises and practice scenarios with us and the dogs. The instant positive response from my dogs was so inspiring for me because it proved that they were trainable, and best of all, that I really was capable of doing it! I never believed that an animal who was doing things a certain way for his whole life could have such a profound change in the matter of one afternoon! But that’s what happened for both my dogs. My husband and I joked that it was like Kelly did some kind of magic on them! Or that she clearly must be some kind of actual dog whisperer because it’s been 2 days since she came and our dogs haven’t slipped back into their old bad behaviours even once yet! She accomplished this miraculous attitude adjustment on our dogs all without any shock collars, yelling or needing to physically correct the dogs in any way. Which we were very much hoping wasn’t going to be suggested to us as necessary when we called a trainer. Kelly does it all with verbal commands, repetition, eye contact and body language. Unbelievable. The whole experience has been literally unbelievable. I could’ve never imagined such a quick change in these dogs. I can’t think of one thing that could’ve been done better, this was truly the best thing we could’ve ever done for our dogs, and our family. There is a calm and peace that Kelly left in our home that, to me, is truly priceless. I can not recommend her any stronger than this- she is amazing, she is friendly and warm and kind, non- judgemental, our dogs adore her, and we are forever grateful and indebted to her for the knowledge and skills she has blessed us with."

Chris and Katie T - Windsor, Ontario

Basil - Golden Retriever

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Hyperactivity, Other

"Kelly is a miracle worker!!! After endless advice and techniques given to us by friends, family, other trainers and our vet, Kelly came into our home and knew exactly what to do and say to set us on the right path with our pup! Her techniques are clear and concise for both people and dogs to follow, she is firm but fair and she really knows how to set a family at ease. Anyone looking for a trainer needs to call Kelly!"

Emma K - Windsor, Ontario

Duke & Reggie - Golden Doodle and Corgi - Cardigan Welsh

Bark Busters helped with: Hyperactivity, Jumping, Sibling rivalry, Other

"kelly is absolutely amazing. in just three hours I learned how to create boundaries, own my space, and to have TWO very needy, attention seeking dogs to listen to me when I had lost all control over them. we have a busy household and Kelly has made it so our day can run a lot smoother, and to create a stress free home. she saved our dogs and our sanity. thank you so much!!! ❤❤"

Taya G - Windsor, Ontario

Malakai - Mini Australian shepherd

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression, Barking, Other

"I hired Bark Busters and Kelly to help me and my brother with my Mini-Aussie. We’d tried a couple different ways to get our dog to behave and most of them had been unsuccessful. Working with Kelly was entirely different, not only was she incredibly knowledgeable and professional she was also very kind and made not only my dog but my family comfortable. I would definitely recommend her and Bark Busters to anyone looking for a different method to train their puppies, as after one lesson I’ve already seen some improvements in my own."

Emma R - Windsor, Ontario

Tricus - Bouvier des Flandres

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression, Barking

"We were almost at the point of giving up on our Bouvier and having him euthanized because of his aggression due to PTSD which was brought on by a German Shepherd within a conformation competition last year. Snapping and biting, overbearing and unruly behaviour was leading us to this drastic resolve. That was until we met Kelly Gould with Bark Busters. After the initial consultation and relearning our dog by teaching him his position within our family, and, to tell the truth, my wife and I as well, we now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Results were immediate, which amazed us both. I can’t wait to see his progress in this new chapter of his life!"

Jeannie E - Windsor, Ontario

Scruffy - Border terrier beagle

Bark Busters helped with: Pulling, Toileting, Other

"We welcomed Kelly into our home to help train our new rescue dog. Within 2 hours we had learned a lot and successfully started implementing her techniques. It was amazing to see our dog relax, listen and respond so quickly. We can't wait to master what was customized for us as our first lesson in order to learn and apply more advanced techniques! Kelly was is a true dog-whisper!"

Sarah Jane D - Windsor, Ontario

Gus - German Short-Haired Pointer

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression, Jumping, Puppy management, Other

"It is obvious Kelly loves what she does. She is passionate about her job and believes in the Bark Buster philosophy heart and soul. She is supportive with both pet and owners, empathetic to issues and doesn't give up. Kelly helps you set realistic goals and truly wants you to reach success. Set backs do not deter her and she helps get you back on track. I have recommended Kelly to several friends and will continue to do so. Five Stars"

Andy R - Windsor, Ontario

Heston - German Spitz Klein

Bark Busters helped with: Aggression

"I had my first meeting with Kelly and was so impressed at the positive changes I saw in my dog Heston within the first meeting. I travelled with Heston the next day to visit my family and even they couldn't get over the difference. We have been practicing a little bit each day. I appreciated the time taken in the first lesson and Kelly made sure to explain each step and also give a lot of other great information in the presentation she gave so that it's not just carrying out actions it's understanding the meaning behind this method of training! Thanks again Kelly from me and Heston :)"

Samantha J - Windsor, Ontario

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