Remote Dog Training and Puppy Training

Remote dog training and puppy training program now offered for people anywhere in Canada

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have heard from many people struggling with their dog's behaviour. Things that weren't so bad before are now a source of frustration. New, unexpected problems are surfacing. Many people have a new puppy and have no help to deal with the typical puppy behaviour and learning process.

It can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Rather than wait until we can get together in person, Bark Busters has put together a remote dog training program using video conference tools that are specially designed to help you and your dog during this COVID-19 crisis.

You may be wondering: how can I get my dog to stop barking while I am trying to work from home? Our virtual dog training can help you with that.

You may have noticed your dog is acting a bit more aggressively when you try to get him or her off the couch and are asking how you can stop your dog from biting. We've done this for over 30 years and are here to help.

I also know many people took this time to adopt a new puppy or rescue an adult dog in need (awesome!). If you need help with puppy training or training a new rescue dog to fit in with your household, we are here for you.

Using Zoom and other video sharing tools, our expert dog trainers and behaviour therapists can:

  • learn about your situation,
  • diagnose your dog's specific needs,
  • coach you and your dog through the exercises,
  • leave you with a solid plan, and
  • follow up with you as you need it.

While we do miss the opportunity to meet you and your dog in person, we can still make the best of this situation. So far, the clients we have worked with are delightfully surprised at the difference they are seeing and in many cases they are making remarkable progress in the very first session!

And, when the crisis is over, we can continue on with our normal in person training and our Written Lifetime Guarantee program at a special discounted rate for video conference training clients.

Why wait and let problems get more frustrating and more ingrained? Whether it is getting a puppy off to the right start or fixing a frustrating behaviour issue, this is a great time to start making things better for you and your dog.

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