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Dog training in Squamish, Whistler, West Vancouver

Barb Cooke

Director of Training
Servicing Areas:
West Vancouver Squamish Whistler

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I'm Barb Cooke and I'm your local behaviour therapist for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Squamish, Vancouver West region.

Based in Squamish, I'm also part owner of Bark Busters Canada. As the Director of Training at our Head Office, it is my responsibility and privilege to train all the new therapists that join Bark Busters Canada before they head back to their respective areas and help many dogs and the people enjoy a loving, lasting and balanced relationship. With my 19 years of Bark Busters dog training experience, I can also help people achieve success with any dog or puppy behaviour problems in the West Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler areas.

My interest in Bark Busters all started with my little Australian Terrier that barked non-stop at my neighbours and cried and howled whenever I left him alone. I was saddened that I couldn’t make my dog’s life better and frustrated that my neighbours were upset. I tried everything that I could think of to fix the problems but nothing worked. I know how it feels, first hand, to love your dog but get frustrated by certain behaviours. I found Bark Busters and it changed my life. I’d love to share my expertise, knowledge and experience with you and help you discover a better way to your better dog.

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Bark Busters helped with: Separation anxiety

"I just entered into another world and learned the language of my best friend! A brand new connection was made linking Vyxyn and I stronger and better than ever before. Barb's style made for a quick and easy lesson, that has changed the life Vyx and I were living up until our session. All the beautiful potential that Vyxyn carried within her, was finally able to come through and not get caught up in her filter of being 'on alert' and in a role she wasn't meant for. We found our strengths, our place and the language to make it all come together. Bark Buster's demonstrated that they stand by their philosophy of leaving no dog behind and worked with me in a creative way, all in the effort to give Vyxyn what she truly needed. The synergy we tapped into, through Barb's guidance and support, is nothing short of palpable and healing. We live with true balance from Barb and Bark Busters and hope that others experience the same."

Anneke R - Squamish, British Columbia

Duggie and Leo - Pomeranian

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Sibling rivalry

"Barb was training a class when she helped us with our dogs, all of the trainers were professional and amazing to work with. I have two yappy pomeranians and never ever had a moment of silence in my house for years. Honesty, we couldn’t even have people over and my husband and I were always stressed from the constant yapping lol. And they would always freak out if we left them alone for a minute. Before Barb we tried every training video, every tv show, every gadget, every bit of advice we could have, with no luck. Within the first lesson Barb helped us gain leadership with our dogs and finally for once have peace in our house! And peace for our dogs too! I honestly have to say the experience was life changing, and that’s only with one lesson. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her! Highly, highly recommend, it’s so worth it."

Sara - Squamish, British Columbia


Bark Busters helped with: Puppy management, Toileting

"Barb and Jeff Cooke have been family friends for over a decade now. When we picked up our new puppy Jules a couple of weeks ago, we naturally chose Bark Busters for puppy training to ensure a smooth integration into our family. We are so so glad that we did!!! Barb was amazing. Calm and incredibly knowledgable she brought us all together to understand a dog's innate needs, natural behaviours and how we can establish a harmonious relationship from the very start. Barb simplified the different philosophies and conflicting messages we have been reading and watching up on prior to getting our puppy. Now we feel confident that we all have the tools and processes to show up consistently well with Jules. Barb also shared insights to nutrition and care. Our take-away? Why wait until behaviour problems show up?! Investing into Bark Busters puppy training has taken all the guess work out and replaced it with calm confidence. This is peace of mind you can't put a price on. Thanks a million, Barb!!!"

Conny M - Squamish, British Columbia

"Barb is a total pro. She has a great way of identifying issues (before they become big problems) and providing simple techniques to make life easy and peaceful in our "pack". We have a 9 week old puppy and an 11 year old dog. The training Barb provided was easy, fun to follow, and very rewarding."

Katherine F - Squamish, British Columbia

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