Are you looking for a life-changing franchise opportunity?

Bark Busters In-Home Dog Training franchises are the perfect fit for individuals looking to run their own business, have a great work-life balance and make a real difference in the lives of dogs and the humans who love them.

With over 250 trainers in 6 countries and counting, Bark Busters is thriving. Our franchises have high-profit margins, a low cost of entry, and compete in a pandemic-proof, growth category.

Become the leader of your own pack with a personally and financially rewarding Bark Busters franchise.

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Why Bark Busters?

For over 30 years, Bark Busters has led the dog training industry. From humble roots in Australia, Bark Busters has grown to the world’s largest franchised dog training company. We invest in our franchises and ensure that our people are set up for success.

Proprietary dog training methods

At the heart of our business, our competitive advantage is our proprietary training methods. We get results for our clients that others simply don’t. Our initial 21-day intensive onboarding program combines dog psychology theory, hands-on practice, and real-life client interaction.

Supportive team environment

Bark Busters fosters a culture of integrity, teamwork, and support. With an easily accessible team at our Head Office and an international network of over 250 franchise partners to call upon, we ensure that our people feel fully supported in their journey.

Brand recognition and marketing support

As the global leader of franchised dog training businesses, Bark Busters is a trusted entity. Our professional and results focussed marketing approach gives your new business instant credibility.

Business training

As a home-based business, the operations and infrastructure of a Bark Business franchise are fairly simple, making it ideal for a first time business owner. We know what works (and what doesn’t) and will guide your business planning on a proven path to success. Our web-based customer management and reporting tools are designed to help your business run as successfully and efficiently as possible.

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A proven business model

A Bark Busters franchise is a home-based business with low-cost investments and high-profitability margins. Our franchise partners conduct lessons at their client’s home, so there is no facility required, keeping start-up costs and overhead low. They are typically one person operations so there is no need for hiring, firing, or managing employees and labour costs. Some franchise partners contract part-time admin staff to increase their own productivity.

Our reputation and highly-effective techniques have allowed us to offer a premium service, which means high margins.

Financial Summary
Initial Investment
Franchise Fee $33,000*
Training Fee $15,000
Start Up Expenses (average) $7,000
Total $55,000
Royalty rate 11%
National Marketing Fund 2%
*Lower fee for small market territories available

Our category is rapidly expanding

The need for dog training has never been greater. Canadians spent almost $10 billion dollars on their pets in 2020. This is a growth of 41% since 2016.

The COVID pandemic has only accelerated that growth, with Canadians adding over 900,000 dogs to their households since the pandemic began. There are more first-time dog owners than ever before who need our guidance and people are now spending more time at home with their dogs than ever. In fact, Bark Busters Canada had our best year ever in 2021, exceeding revenues in pre-pandemic 2019 by 51%.

Household Expenditure in Canada ($millions)

Pets, pet food, veterinary and other pet services

Source: Statistics Canada.
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Who we are looking for

While dogs are at the heart of our business, we start with a love of people and an entrepreneurial spirit.

A big part of the success of our training lies in our communication skills and ability to deliver great customer service. We understand that the key to solving a dog’s behaviour problems is actually teaching the humans. And this is not always easy!

Our most successful partners are also self-starters. From networking events and creative ways to advertise to thoughtful treats at the end of a visit, our partners are always looking for ways to grow their business.

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Read about Bark Busters in the the cover story of Franchise Canada Magazine - May/June 2022 issue

We are expanding across Canada

Bark Busters franchises are available in the following exclusive territories:

  • Victoria
  • Vancouver & Lower Mainland
  • Kelowna/Vernon
  • Calgary
  • Sasktatoon
  • Regina
  • Winnipeg
  • Toronto
  • Kingston
  • Montreal
  • Quebec City
  • St. John
  • Fredericton
  • Moncton
  • Halifax/Dartmouth
  • St. John's

Franchise FAQs

You may employ people to assist in non-training functions of the business, such as marketing, bookkeeping or answering the phones. However, only the franchisee of the business is allowed to attend the training sessions and provide services to customers.
Yes. We have many partnerships of Bark Busters throughout the world. Each partnership is a little different, so we can discuss this option further with you.
No, the business is full-time, to enable you to get the most out of your investment. The business requires your full-time commitment.
Yes, you will operate the administration from your home office to minimize operating costs. While your office may be based in your home, you will spend a majority of your time within your territory, providing service, building relationships and distributing marketing materials and more.
The Bark Busters method of training is more effective and generates results in far less time than traditional training approaches. Typically we see behaviours change in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months. Bark Busters offers a unique written Lifetime Guarantee. We provide customers with unsurpassed value for their money. Additionally, we work with dog owners in the convenience of their own home, making it easy for them to meet with us and making it less stressful for the dogs. Dogs learn best in their own environment where the misbehaviour normally occurs.
Yes. Bark Busters provides comprehensive training prior to the launch of your business. Our training provides you with all of the knowledge of our methods, dog psychology and hands-on practical training.
No, we look for very special individuals. We arrange a face to face meeting so that we can both get to know each other. Our franchisees are our business partners and represent our trusted brand. We both have an investment to make and we need to be confident that the business is right for both of us.
Yes, you have the full support of Head Office to guide you all the way. Being a successful franchise owner involves being a successful business owner too.
From the day you decide to become a Bark Buster, we will help you to prepare for training and the opening of your business. The initial, intensive onboarding program is roughly 23 days. It is a combination of Zoom training with the last week being in person training at our head office in Squamish, BC. Immediately after successfully completing your training, you will be fully prepared to launch your business and start helping clients!
We are always a phone call or email away when you need advice, but we do have many other structured resources for you to take advantage of. From a business side, we invest in a highly effective website and SEO tools to help you get found on the internet. This accounts for the biggest source of your new business. We help you establish an on line presence on Google and social media platforms and provide content for your social media page. We have built technology based systems to make keeping in contact with your clients easier and to make managing your business easier as well. From a dog training skills side, we have monthly zoom calls open to all franchise partners where we share knowledge about challenging cases our trainers are encountering. We also have "BarkNet" , our exclusive web-based information resource containing many video covering. multitude of training scenarios. There is also a chat forum where Bark Busters from around the world share their questions and best practices.
Typically not, but we can help with the creation of a business plan to help you apply for financing. We can also point you in the direction of government resources that help new entrepreneurs.

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