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Dog training in Montreal Rive-Sud

Sarah Hargrave

Behaviour Therapist and Trainer
Servicing Areas:
Montreal Rive Sud Brossard St-Lambert Longueuil St-Hubert

Call free: 866.418.4584

COVID-19 Update: Please be assured I am respecting all of the COVID 19 safety guidelines: Mask (at all times), gloves and social distancing. I can also do your lesson via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype if you prefer. Either way be assured my first priority is your family (and my) safety. The safety protocols will not adversely effect the quality of your lesson.

I’m Sarah Elizabeth Hargrave, and ever since I was little I have been an animal lover. From dogs and cats, to little creatures and horses, I have always had a soft spot for our furry friends.

I have been a Bark Busters client for years, and have always been astounded at how well this system truly works. But it was my experiences with my current dog, a nervous Weimeraner with severe separation anxiety, that inspired me to become a trainer and help you. He had every behaviour imaginable. He barked, whined, stole food, he was destructive (I can’t even count the number of shoes he’s eaten in an anxious state when I’ve left him alone). Once I left the house for an hour, and he injured himself badly, so desperate to find me, I knew this behaviour couldn’t continue. I needed him to feel safe. I knew giving him away wasn’t an option because I was quite confident no one would have known how to deal with his issues, and he would have been euthanized.

I cannot believe the transformation that I’ve witnessed in my dog. Even my family members and friends are astounded by how far he’s come. Being able to leave my house to go to the store or bring my son to school knowing that my dog trusted that he was safe gave me such a relief and peace of mind. That’s what I want to give to you!

That’s the beauty of these simple techniques. It doesn’t matter how many behaviours your dog is exhibiting, how old they are, what breed they are, or how much experience you have training dogs. Once you know how to communicate in a language they understand, you’ll wish you had called us sooner!

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