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Tim Girouard

Behaviour Therapist and Master Trainer
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COVID-19 Update: Please note that I am 4x vaccinated and consequently do not by default, wear a mask. However I have no reservations about doing so and will happily follow any requests from my clients that make them feel comfortable. I will also observe distancing as best I can. I encourage you to speak up if you feel uneasy with regard to Covid prevention at any time.

Hello fellow dog lovers, If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably frustrated and/ or embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour and don’t know what to do, but know something needs to be done.

My name is Tim Girouard. I am the local behaviour therapist, Grand Master Trainer and Founders Award winner for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and surrounding areas. I have been a Bark Busters behaviour therapist for 15 years and have trained over 3000 dogs, or should I say dog owners. I have been featured on both “Inside Guelph” and “Rogers Daytime20” TV.

You don’t have to feel embarrassed, frustrated or even helpless. Even with the best efforts and intentions, some dogs don’t respond that well to treat based or physical approaches to training. This is where I can help. With my skills, dedication, and commitment, I will work with you to solve the problems and create a wonderful and peaceful relationship with your dog. I guarantee it! I am excited to help dogs and their owners make a great life together. It is because of my love of dogs that nothing brings me more happiness than to see a troubled owner / dog relationship resolved and both parties happy and excited about living the rest of their lives together.

I personally know the love that a family dog or dogs can give back when they are a vital part of the family and they know their place. A well behaved dog is like having a well behaved child, they can bring much joy to a family. Unfortunately many owners struggle to achieve this with their dog.

I will provide you with the tools and with our Written Lifetime Guarantee, the support that will give you many years of happiness and companionship with your dog.

I know Bark Busters can do this so contact me today and I will be happy to come and show you what sheer joy with your pet can be. Here are 160 Reviews on Google from clients.

Please visit my YouTube channel where you can see and hear me and our philosophy when Inside Guelph I discuss:

    • Common Mistakes People make with their dogs
    • Why Dogs Bark
    • General Dog Behaviour
    • Puppy Training
    • Separation Anxiety
  • I talk to the Small Animal Club about dog training at the University of Guelph Nov 2011, 3 parts
  • And videos of clients successfully walking their once ‘unwalkable’ dogs.

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"We recently adopted Lucy, our seven month old Saint Berdoodle. She had no training when we got her so she was definitely a handful to control. She would chase and try to pounce on our two cats as well as our chihuahua and would jump up on us. On walks she would pull constantly and when another dog approached she would lunge trying to get at it while barking. Although she was a loving, affectionate dog she did not know her place. We invited Tim Girouard of Bark Busters into our home and within the first 10 minutes we noticed a remarkable improvement in Lucy’s behaviour. Instead of pacing, looking for play, she was lying on her bed waiting for us to lead. Tim spent considerable time with us (3.5 hours) teaching us tactics to control Lucy’s behaviour. We are very happy to say that Lucy is now a joy to have around because we know how to anticipate and check her puppy antics. When we take Lucy on walks, we feel confident knowing that when she does regress a quick correction brings her back to compliance. We definitely recommend Tim and Bark Busters for dog training that actually works. Mary Jane and David Berges Kitchener ON"

David B - Kitchener, Ontario

"Life changing***** I adopted Angel at the age of 4, she was a rescue that barked non stop and had some trust issues. Now 8, she had improved, but would bark at anything and everything- even if someone sneezed at the wrong time. I tried everything to get her to quiet down- telling her to stop, positive reinforcement, going for more walks, static bark collars, collars that emit sprays, time out- NOTHING worked! I started working night shifts and it became impossible to get enough uninterrupted sleep. Finally, a friend of a friend told me about bark busters. It sounded pricey but we had to give it a shot. As soon as Tim came to the door our training began. After 2.5hrs we had a relaxed and quiet home. We were shocked and did not believe it would last. It has been one week now and we are so so so very thankful for Tim and Bark Busters. Angel is so much happier and content not being so stressed all the time- her cute little personality really shows. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching us to communicate. For anyone who has lost hope or doesn't know where to start - Bark Busters NOW, worth every penny."

Jess H - Kitchener, Ontario

"Tim was a great teacher that helped us tremendously - Winston is now a joy to walk and his home behavior has also improved. We highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to enrich their relationship with their dog and truly integrate them into their home/lifestyle. Mark and Jackie"

Mark D - Kitchener, Ontario

"We are very happy with Bark Busters!! We’ve only had one training session so far but the improvement we’ve seen is astounding. Walks with our dog Olly used to be the most difficult part of our day because he would jump, bark, bite, and generally go crazy, but Tim has given us the confidence and tools to make walking an enjoyable experience. He’s taught us how to communicate using “dog language” and uses simple strategies that work. We can’t recommend Tim and Bark Busters enough!!"

Cathrun M - Cambridge, Ontario

"We have 2 dogs an American Mastiff Mr. (whom is a puppy) and a 7 year old Jack Russel; Lucy. We researched many training programs in the Cambridge Area and all of them seemed to be just obedient training and not how to become a pack leader or really understand your dog; until we landed on Bark Busters! We wanted puppy training for Mr. but also wanted re-training for Lucy as she had developed some back habits (from us not correcting her over time) and all of them we didn't want Mr. to learn (as he will be over 200 pounds full grown) We met Tim on January 27th and within a few minutes we felt extremely comfortable with him and his ability to train us so we can train our dogs! :) Mr. needed the typical puppy training but Lucy had extreme separation anxiety (which led to crying and barking when we weren't home or attacking the door when others came) and walking her was almost impossible! So much so that we would just not take her, or try every other path to avoid other dogs..until Tim showed up! Not only did he give guidance to correct every bad behavior we explained that we didn't like with Lucy, but helped us understand her in a way that only he could teach! With walking, again within minutes and a new harness she was like a band new dog! we walked past other dogs calmly and there was no attacking or barking! We felt so empowered by just simple corrections and correcting Lucy the right way, at the right time; all with Tim's guidance! we are SO happy with Tim and Bark Busters that we have already recommended him to numerous people that are having doggy issues. This is by far the best investment we could have made, and our household is so much more balanced and it hasn't even been a month after meeting Tim! Photo attached is myself walking Lucy for the first time in a long while where we both didn't come back exhausted from fighting and pulling away from other dogs! and check out her cool new harness supplied by Tim! :)"

Stephanie T - Cambridge, Ontario

"Tim was an excellent trainer. We were at a loss on how to get our 2 1/2 month old Boxer, Diesel to co-operate with our commands. Tim explained how we are in control and how to become the pack leader. We have used all the tricks he showed us and are thrilled with how well we have been able to communicate with Diesel now. He is responding much better to our commands. We understand there are many more things to learn and wouldn't hesitate to call Tim back to guide us through the next stage of Diesel's life. Bark Busters has even followed up with us weekly to see if we have any new questions or concerns. So far the initial visit was all we needed to get us on the same page. I would recommend Tim and Bark Busters time and time again! Thanks Tim and Bark Busters from Mike, Emma and a very happy Diesel."

Michael & Emma R - Guelph, Ontario

"We had a number of issues with our dog from constant barking,separation anxiety,pulling when walking etc We tried everything to stop the barking , shock collars , Sound machines, spraying but nothing prepared me for how quickly the time spent with Tim would resolve these issues. Within 3 hours the difference was day and night, our dog has stopped this Crazy barking at everybody, she is more relaxed and doesn’t constantly follow me everywhere and using the proper leash the pulling had completely stopped. There has been times when she will test me to see if I will let her go back to her old ways but it is quickly resolved by just showing her the pad and using my growley bah! Who would have thought it could be this easy, I am so pleased that I spent the money it was worth every penny I paid, plus knowing that if other issues crop up it is only a matter of a call to Tim to get it fixed. Thanks Tim"

Rita B - Cambridge, Ontario

"Sonder was aggressive in many situations, and we weren't sure how to resolve it. However, with a short lesson with Bark Busters we learned how to communicate, be the leader, and consistent with realistic expectations, and my dog has been transformed. It helped to regain a sense of trust with him, predictability with his behavior, and overall reduction of stress in the household. My dog is the sweetest, and calmest dog since getting Bark Busters involved. My only regret is waiting so long to do it!. Thank you Tim for your ongoing support, and trustworthy training session to help improve our relationship with our dog."

Shelley R - Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

"At the time of my first lesson my 3 month old mini cock-a-poo, Lily, barked at everything outside, people passing, garbage trucks, etc. As well, she would jump up on people when they came into the house. After Tim's first visit, amazingly, these two things were under control. She no longer barks at everything; and, stays at the top of the stairs when guests arrive. I am still working on keeping Lily at bay when guests reach the top of the stairs. (which is my fault for being a bit lax in this area). Tim came for a second visit to help me stop Lily from barking when I got out of my car. After a short 20 minute "class" I was able to get out of my car without her barking. Tim's techniques really work!! His thoroughness and patience in "training me" has given me confidence and a better understanding of how to train Lily to be a well-behaved and happy dog. I highly recommend Bark Busters as the solution to any issues you may have with your dog."

Donna S - Guelph, Ontario

"Tim did an amazing job of giving my husband and I a refresher on how to properly walk and communicate with our timid and anxious dog! Our original training alleviated all of our concerns with our dog. Over time, we - the owners- tended to get lax with reinforcing and reassuring our dog that we are indeed in charge and she doesn’t need to worry especially when we would encounter other dogs on our walks. Thanks Tim for your patient reminders and support."

Charlotte M - Waterloo, Ontario

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