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Dog training in Gatineau

Jon Wells

Behaviour Therapist and Trainer
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Special COVID-19 Update: Our World is Changing and We are Evolving! … Now providing Remote and Flexible Onsite Individualized Dog Training Programs!

Your dog puts complete trust in you for their whole life and in return you want to give them the best life possible. I first learned the Bark Busters method over 14 years ago as a client, and over the years, I've kept developing my dog training skills to help friends and family. All these years later, I still get compliments from friends, vets, groomers and even my mother-in-law.

Constantly seeing owners shocked that their dog is no longer barking at the front door in their first session, it never gets old!

  • Do you have a COVID dog that is now a little older and acting out or anxious because you are leaving them alone for the first time in 2 years?
  • A new puppy that becoming a little monster and you don’t quite know what to do?
  • Is walking your dog a pleasure or is your dog pulling on the leash and lunging at other dogs? Do you find it embarrassing?

If you are in need of dog training in Ottawa or Gatineau, call me (1-866-418-4584) or use the form below to get in touch so we can talk about your dog and how I can help.

Enriching lives of both dogs and their people.

Every new client, I see what a difference Bark Busters training makes, particularly with stressful issues like barking at the door or separation anxiety. Watching the stress and anxiety wash away after training is the highlight of my day, week and year!

Why I chose Bark Busters 14 years ago.

My dog was unique, my situation was different, and I had already tried group training. Tailoring the program to fit each case gives the dog the greatest chance of success. In creating the right plan and coaching, problems and stress can be greatly reduced and sometimes eliminated in the first session.

The Bark Busters dog training system is based on a deep understanding of canine behaviour. We teach you the most effective way to communicate with your dog which will provide clarity while building a bond of trust and confidence. Our praise-based positive reinforcement system means there is no need for punishment or force. Helping your dog overcome behaviour challenges and understand better exactly what you want is really the kindest thing you can do for your dog.

Our Written Lifetime Guarantee…

With Bark Buster’s Written Lifetime Guarantee you have the security of knowing that if issues come back or new ones appear later in your dog’s life, I will be there to help you through it, free of charge! Even if you happen to move, as long as there is a Bark Buster within the community, they will help you with any behaviour challenges.

Tell me what success looks like for you! What is your dream dog and how does he behave? Please call or fill out the form below so we can talk about how working together will make a difference for you and your dog.


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Salem - Miniature Schnauzer

Bark Busters helped with: Barking

"Jon came because I was looking for assistance with one of my dogs (of 3, sometimes 4) who would bark at any little thing. (And it is a high-pitched bark.) Anyway, we arranged for a visit and Jon came and ended up working not just with us and our one dog, but worked with us and all 4 of the dogs. The knowledge, understanding and training we have received so far has made a HUGE difference for us and our home. We have a few more things to work on, it's as much us being trained as the dogs being trained, but the 2 hours (only so far!) we spent with Jon have already done wonders!"

Tami G - Ottawa, Ontario

Nola/Cali - Boxer-Poodle/Leonberger

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Jumping, Puppy management, Other

"Jon was great at explaining the behaviours our dogs were exhibiting and how to correct them. Made total sense. Simple concept, with a clear plan to make things better. We are making progress with our dogs. Still some work to do, but we saw improvements immediately. Anyone looking for some help in changing some not-so-great behaviours should contact Jon. Get the whole pack involved and bring some calm/order into the home!"

Michelle R - Nepean, Ontario

Gunnar - German Shepherd

Bark Busters helped with: Barking, Pulling, Puppy management

"Amazing company. Super friendly. I have a German Shepard puppy who’s a handful to say the least and Jon comes to my house when I need him or feel something we tried isn’t working. He spends time with myself and my puppy to see what’s maybe not working and we revisit our schedule together to set a new training plan that will adapt to the new circumstances. 10/10 would recommend!"

Brayden M - Thurso, Québec

Clifford - Pitbull

Bark Busters helped with: Puppy management

"Wonderful experience with Jon! We could tell from the first moment that he had a lot of experience in canine training and was eager to share his experience and knowledge with us. He really cared about the well-being of our dog and his personalized approach focus on positive reinforcement. In our first appointment with our 3 months old puppy, we saw some results after only 15 minutes of practice which is amazing! He is always available to answer our questions and really dedicated in mentoring us in order that we train and give the best care that we can to our dog! I highly recommend Jon to anyone who is looking for a customized training services in the comfort of your home:)"

Anne B - Beloeil, Québec

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