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Dog Training in Burnaby, the Tri-Cities, North Vancouver and East Vancouver

Julie Emery

Behaviour Therapist and Trainer
Servicing Areas:
Burnaby Tri-Cities North Vancouver Vancouver

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Congratulations! You are about to embark on an incredible journey towards a new relationship with your dog.

My name is Julie Emery and I am your local therapist for Bark Busters In-home Dog Training North Vancouver, Burnaby and Tri Cities area. I help families enrich their lives by teaching them how to communicate better with their dogs.

I fell in love with dogs at a very young age growing up in small town in Quebec when I visited my Grandmother and her German Shepherd “Tony.” Tony was a textbook “good dog”: he never barked, never jumped up on people, nor showed any signs of the typical behavior issues that can sometimes arise in dogs. From my point of view, it appeared that living with a dog was easy and I often thought about how nice it would be to have a dog’s unconditional love and loyalty.

Fast forward many years later... I became a first-time dog mom to my little Boston Terrier boy, Phil. He was unlike my Grandmother’s obedient German Shepherd Tony. In fact, he was the exact opposite; he most certainly had a mind of his own, and there was no talking him out of unwanted behavior. Phil struggled with separation anxiety and leash aggression. I sought advice from other dog owners and spent hours on-line reading blogs and watching youtube videos. I was hoping to find a solution, but after a lot of time and effort, I was not making progress and was simply frustrating Phil and myself. The advice I received was not customized to our situation and was not the right advice for Phil and his unique personality. Finally I found Bark Busters and their individualized expert in home training program.

After working with a professional Bark Busters dog trainer, I saw amazing results. Phil stopped considering picking a fight or even be concerned with other dogs. Immediately I felt inspired to share everything I had learned with my friends to help them with their own dogs. This is what landed me in the Bark Busters training academy; the more I learned from the Bark Busters Training program, the more I grew to respect and understand dogs. I realized that within every dog lies a “Tony,” that big, beautiful, loving, obedient German Shepherd who wants nothing more than to please his owner.

The true ticket is getting that dog to understand us and for us to understand their needs. Once you accomplish this milestone, your relationship with your dog will flourish. At Bark Busters, we offer a wholistic approach when it comes to dog training; we look at the entire picture. A healthy, happy dog is a dog who is ready to learn. Our proven methods are effective, positive, and guarantee lasting results. You also have the added assurance that I will be your dog’s personal trainer for their life, regardless of changing circumstances. Even if you move to another city, chances are there is a Bark Buster’s trainer in that area ready for the challenges your dog will face in adjusting to their new ‘territory.’

My personal goal is to help improve your relationship with your dog. I will work one-on-one with you at your home, listen to your concerns, understand your dog's personality and unique challenges, and then provide a customized dog training program that will lead to effective solutions and less stress for both you and your dog.

You will be relieved to learn how effective you can be at communicating with your dog. Deep down, he or she wants to please you and is, after all, just like Tony.

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