Man working from home with his dog

How to Work From Home With Your Dog

More and more dog owners are working from home (or taking their dogs to the office) and don’t have to spend so much time apart from their furry friends during the week. While some pups ease into this scenario smoothly, for others there are a number of behavioural issues that may arise. If your dog has ever demanded your attention by barking and whining at the worst possible time, we can help!

So, why DO dogs act up in the home office environment?

Start by considering things from their perspective.

Dogs are excellent people trainers. They communicate their needs and wishes to us all the time, and you might not even realise to what degree you voluntarily respond to the cues they give you. Once you start working from home, the large amount of time you spend together in close proximity means increased opportunities for your dog to train you!

What does this look like?

Your dog might nudge you for pats. They might climb into your lap.

Perhaps they nap under your desk, but when they wake up they request attention, and are rewarded by getting it.

While seemingly cute and innocent, whenever a dog gets to direct the behaviour of their human, they see themself as having being put in the leadership role. As the leader, a dog may feel they need to demand the human’s attention—often at inopportune times, such as when they are on the phone or involved in an important assignment.

Your dog will only make a different choice if those strategies no longer result in your attention.