3 April 2018

What a Nose

When you take your dog outside, does it seem to take forever for him to pay attention to you? Distractions are everywhere, but for dogs, one thing can steal their focus fast. Pay attention to exactly what your dog is doing when he’s distracted and you’ll notice one thing--he’s sniffing the world around him. Dog noses are fascinating, to say the least. Here are some cool things you may not know about your dog’s super sniffer.

More receptors than humans

The reason why scent plays such a huge role in your dog’s life is simply because he can smell so much more than you can. A dog’s nose has somewhere around 220 million olfactory receptors. A human nose only has around 5 million of these receptors. This means that your dog can smell things thousands of times more keenly than you can.

Super sniffer skills

If you take your dog outside and watch him closely, you’ll notice that he’s really a ‘doggie detective.’ Your dog uses his nose to sniff out details around him, such as whether or not other dogs or humans have wandered close to his turf or if there’s an interesting animal nearby. He can deduce, by scent, whether or not anything is amiss in his territory. These same sniffing skills are what allow police dogs and tracker dogs to work their magic in finding missing people or sniffing out drugs and bombs.

Fun and games

You can incorporate your dog’s sense of smell into their training using small pieces of stinky treats to motivate them to follow your commands. You can also play a fun game with your dog and test their sense of smell at the same time. Simply hide a smelly treat somewhere in your home or yard and wait for them to find it. Once your dog learns the command for ‘find,’ you can try this with favourite toys and other objects. Try hiding people, too--your dog will be able to smell its human family members even when he can’t see them.

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