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Tips for Training Your New Puppy

It’s an absolute joy for family members when they get a new puppy. Usually, puppies are quite young and require lots of care and training. With the right training, a new puppy can become a well-behaved member of the family.

Here are some tips:

Teach good habits from the start:

In order for your puppy to learn good habits, be mindful of the behaviours that you encourage. For instance, if he usually greets you whenever you enter the door by jumping on you, and in return you sweet talk and pet him, he will learn that jumping is what gets positive attention and will jump on every person who walks through the door. This might be cute when he’s little but becomes a problem when he’s bigger. To prevent this habit from developing, ignore your puppy when you get home. Give him attention only when he is calm and not demanding it.

Use proper equipment:

A well-fitted collar and leash are a must for training and safety during outdoor excursions. Avoid chain leashes; a soft cotton leash is a better alternative. Avoid taking long walks when your puppy is young. Play is the most important exercise.

Provide lots of safe entertainment:

Like children, puppies require more entertainment than adult dogs. A sandbox provides a wonderful place for a puppy to dig, romp, and even rest. Stock the box with several safe toys like a Kong or treat ball. Chewing is an important part of a pup’s development.

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Find a Trainer

Want to learn more, or begin training? We can help, let us find the trainer nearest you so that you can reach out to them directly.

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