8 February 2017

Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

Dogs can be a real asset in the workplace. They are great stress-relievers and help make the workplace less dull. More companies are offering to let employees bring their dogs in, whether it’s for a day, a week, or even every day. If you’re given the opportunity to take your pooch to work, here are some tips that will make everything easier for both of you.

Respect your coworkers

Not every employee will be gaga over your pet, and some may even be allergic. Make sure you keep your dog with you at all times and don’t allow him to wander around. This could distract or annoy your coworkers and make your dog an unwelcome guest.

Be ready to clean up after your pet

Most dog-friendly workplaces have a designated doggie toileting area, but accidents can and will happen. Just make sure you keep cleaning supplies on hand for those little ‘oopsies’ so your dog doesn’t make the workplace unsanitary. Don’t forget to clean up your dog’s food, too. Spilled water at work could be a safety hazard so clean up any messes pronto.

Make your dog feel at home

If your dog feels comfortable, he’ll settle more easily. Bring your pet’s bed, blanket, or favourite toy from home so he’ll feel at ease in the workplace. You may want to bring your dog’s crate if you work in an open office with lots of traffic. This will give your dog a place to go for privacy and calm throughout the day.

Take lots of breaks

In addition to potty breaks, try to work in one or more play breaks. Not only will this allow your pet to stretch its legs and relieve boredom, but it will encourage you to be more active, too, which is great if you are typically confined to your desk all day. A little extra activity is great for you, great for your dog, and it could help you stay productive, too.

Don’t push it

If your dog doesn’t settle down comfortably and seems nervous, maybe you’re better off leaving your pooch at home. Not every dog should be in the workplace, and if your dog isn’t happy there, you shouldn’t force the issue.

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