3 January 2018

The holidays and your dog

The holidays can be a fun and exciting time for the whole family, even your four-legged family members. But some aspects of holiday revelry aren’t suitable for your dog. Here’s what you need to know to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout the holidays.

A prepared pet is a safe pet

If your pet doesn’t respond to basic commands, work with him before the busy holiday season. Get your dog used to having visitors around or decide ahead of time on a spot for your pet to go if the holiday fun gets to be too much.

Watch the treats

It can be tempting to share the fun foods of the season with your dog, but not everything on your plate is suitable for Fido. Keep the danger foods, like chocolate and meat bones, well away from your pet. And don’t give into those puppy dog eyes every time you sit down to snack--dogs tend to put on weight during the holidays just like we do. Do both of yourselves a favor and stick to a good walking schedule or head out for a few quick games of fetch whenever you can to keep holiday weight gain away from your pet.

Don’t decorate dangerously

Dogs don’t understand that decorations can be dangerous. Keep ornaments and lights out of reach lest they become a temptation for your dog. If you’re using a real tree, vacuum up any fallen needles as soon as possible so your dog doesn’t breathe them in. Also, keep your pet away from the water used on the tree. It can contain bacteria that can make your dog very sick if he drinks it.

Candles are another holiday no-no if you have a dog. A swish of a tail or a curious sniff can lead to major disaster and danger for both you and your pet. Instead, use battery powered tea lights in place of naked flames. And don’t forget that some plants, like the ever-popular Christmas poinsettias, are toxic to your dog. Keep them away from your pet or buy artificial ones instead.

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