19 September 2018

Take Your Dog to Work Successfully with These Tips

Dogs in the workplace is becoming more common than ever before. Even if it’s just for a single day, having a pet in the workplace can help boost morale and lower stress among employees. However, there are definitely some things you’ll want to keep in mind if you plan on bringing your canine companion to work. Here are some tips to help you take your dog to work successfully.

Consider your dog’s temperament

Is your dog easy going, friendly around strangers, and generally well-behaved in new places? Or is your dog shy, easily frightened, and anxious around new people? Not all dogs want to go to work. Never force a shy dog to be social, especially in an unknown environment.

Check with your coworkers

It also goes without saying that you should make sure your pet will be welcome at your place of work. Not everyone loves dogs, and some people are allergic to them, so keep your coworkers in mind when deciding whether or not to bring your pet to work. And if they’re okay with you bringing your dog, find out if anyone else plans to bring their dog. Your pet may not like to share the office with another dog, and even if he does, the other dog may not want to become friends.

Bring your own supplies

Don’t count on your office providing a place for your pet to sleep, and don’t forget to bring his food and water dishes, plus a leash for bathroom breaks. You have to be responsible for your pet while he’s with you, so make sure you plan time in your work day for walks and potty breaks.

Respect your coworkers

Don’t let your pet be a nuisance. Not everyone wants a dog in the office, so you should make sure that Fido’s on his very best behaviour. Don’t let him roam the halls, sniff around in your coworkers’ things, and make sure you avoid ‘accidents’ by taking him out regularly.

Who knows, if your dog is well-behaved, he may even get invited back to the office again in the future.

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