14 January 2019

Seniors and Dogs

Dogs make wonderful companions for senior citizens. Some dogs make better companions than others for older people. Before you pick a dog for a senior, you need to understand which dogs are more appropriate and why. Here's the scoop on dogs and seniors.

Consider size

A puppy seems cute and perfectly manageable, even if you factor in all the time and energy spent potty training and teaching the pup not to chew up half the house. However, puppies grow up, and some little puppies grow into enormous adult dogs that are difficult for most seniors to manage. You probably don't want to pair a senior with a Great Dane or Saint Bernard because those dogs, when grown, are powerful and difficult to control, physically.

Smaller breeds, like pugs or miniature versions of standard breeds, make for more manageable pets. Poodles offer both a smaller size and a superior intellect, since they're considered one of the smartest dog breeds. This can make training easier so seniors won't struggle with a belligerent, overpowering dog.

Consider temperament

Some breeds are better suited for a quiet home. Small dogs may be aggressive and defensive around children, but they may feel happy and calm living with a senior. Maltese dogs are both small and very friendly. They bond particularly well with their owners and shed very little, making a little less work for their owners where cleanup is concerned.

Miniature Schnauzers and Yorkshire Terriers are both smaller breeds that make good pets for seniors. Yorkies are content to lounge around most of the day, but Schnauzers are energetic and even-tempered, so they may be good with the grandchildren that come to visit.

Whatever breed you choose, you need to consider your senior's own physical abilities, temperament, and personality traits. Active seniors may prefer a breed that loves to take lots of walks, but less mobile seniors will probably do better with a more docile, easygoing breed.

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