1 February 2018

Protect Your Dog Against the Cold

Winter weather can have your dog singing the blues. Even if your pet spends most of its time indoors, you need to take some extra precautions to protect your pup during the cold winter months. Here’s what you need to know to protect your dog against the cold.

Bring them indoors

If your dog spends most of his time outside, consider bringing him in for the winter, especially if the temperatures drop below freezing. Your dog’s fur isn’t designed to keep him safe from bitter cold. At the very least, your dog needs a house to shelter in and warm cedar chips or other suitable bedding to keep away the cold. Don’t try to heat the outdoor area with a space heater--your pet could knock it over and cause a fire. Instead, limit your dog’s time out in the cold by bringing him in at night and during very cold days.

Know what your dog likes

Some dogs love being out in the cold for longer periods of time. Others can’t stand it! Don’t just assume that your long-haired dog will be a cold-lover. Watch your pet for cues that they’ve had enough outdoor time and don’t overdo it.

Watch their paws

Frostbite is a real concern for dogs that spend a great deal of time walking in icy conditions. Dog booties can help protect your pet from sharp ice that can penetrate the pads of their paws. They can also add a layer of protection against frostbite.

If you regularly walk in areas that have been treated with salt or de-icer, take care to clean your dog’s paws immediately after your walk. These can both irritate your dog’s paws and they can make your dog sick when he licks his paws after the walk.

Beware of icy hazards

Frozen ponds and lakes may look solid enough, but many dogs find themselves in real danger when they attempt to cross the icy surface of these and other bodies of water. Keep your dog away from frozen waterways so they don’t wander into a dangerous situation.

For more tips on keeping your pet safe all winter long, visit Bark Busters today.
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