10 August 2015

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Second Dog

You love your dog so much, you’re thinking about getting a second dog, because twice the canine equals twice the fun, right? Well, before you rush into making a decision, consider these pros and cons of getting a second dog.


  • Your family will have twice the love to enjoy. No more fighting over who gets to sleep with Fido at the foot of their bed.
  • Your pet will have a playmate, if they want it. This can keep your pet out of your hair when he’s bored and wants to play.
  • More dogs enforce the “pack” feel and makes your dog feel secure.
  • Some dogs are lonely without a friend, and a second dog will alleviate this loneliness.
  • If your dog has separation anxiety, having another dog there may help. Another dog can be a valuable companion so your dog doesn’t miss you as much while you’re gone.

On the other hand…


  • Training two dogs can be tricky. They should be trained according to their temperaments and be listening to you separately to ensure that they’ll follow your guidance effectively when together.
  • You’ll have to clean up after two dogs. This means twice the fur, twice the potty pickups, and twice the damage control if they are “chewers.”
  • One dog may teach the other bad habits. It’s not usually the other way around, so your perfect little angel may turn into a little devil when the new dog arrives.
  • Sibling rivalry and jealousy aren’t just for humans; your dogs may experience these emotions and act out because of it.
  • There will be twice the costs associated with having a dog. Twice the food, twice the toys, and twice the vet bills can really add up.

Getting a second dog takes a lot of consideration and can sometimes require more effort on your part. However, when it all works out, you get twice the love and a big, happy family.

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