2 October 2017

Preparing Your Pup for Back to School

If your family dog has spent all summer being entertained by the kids, he may get a serious case of the ‘back to school blues’ once the kids have returned to their classrooms. Here are some tips to help your pet beat the ‘back to school’ blues this school year.

Ease into your back to school routine

A week (or more) before your kids head back to school, start the typical school year routine at home. Get up earlier and have the kids go through the motions of getting ready for school. Decide who will let the dog out for bathroom breaks, who will feed him, and who will make sure he’s somewhere safe when it’s time to leave the house.

Consider practicing the ‘leaving’ part of the routine, even if you only drive down the street and back. This will help your dog understand that when you get ready in the morning, your kids will be leaving for a while. You may even want to let your dog walk to and from the bus stop with you and your children. This will allow your pet to see the children leave and also help burn off some of that early morning energy.

Get lots of activity in

Your dog will become easily bored without the kids to play with, so make sure you take lots of walks and activity breaks if you’re at home with him. Bored, lonely dogs can quickly become destructive ones, so if the whole family will be out of the house when school starts, consider hiring someone to drop by your house and let your dog out for some exercise. Or, consider doggie daycare for a happier pet.

Consider getting a second pet

If your dog is suffering from loneliness while the kids are at school, consider whether or not adding a second pet to the family might help. Depending on your dog’s temperament, adding a second dog or even a cat to the family could be all that’s needed to keep loneliness at bay.

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