8 February 2018

Making a Crate a Home

Dog’s need a place to call their own, even within the walls of your home. When it comes to creating a space that’s solely for your dog, a crate is a useful tool. Whether your dog uses your crate daily or just in times of uncertainty, here’s how you can help make your dog’s crate truly a home.

Choose the right crate for your dog

A dog’s crate is its den, its private, cozy space to retreat to when things get to be too much. Ideally, you want a crate that is small and cozy, but large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around comfortably. If your crate has open sides, you might want to consider draping a blanket or cloth over the top to make it feel more cozy.

Location is key

Keep the crate out of direct sunlight or your dog could get too hot. Avoid putting the crate in high traffic areas as it could make your dog anxious. Remember to keep children and other pets away from the crate so your dog can fully embrace it as its own.

Don’t use it as punishment

Your dog won’t want to go near a crate if you use it as punishment for misdeeds. Instead, start off with the crate as an option rather than a necessity. Let your dog go in and out at will initially, then you can try periods with the door closed. Once your dog is happy to go inside the crate and stay for short periods, you can try putting him in and closing the door for a brief time. This is especially helpful for training puppies during nap times or any dog during your mealtimes.

Keep it short

Don’t crate your dog for long periods. If you’ll be away for more than four hours, consider closing your dog off in the room that his crate is in so he can move freely. Remember to offer water if you’ll be crating your dog for extended periods of time (less than 4 hours, though). If you find that your dog has toileting accidents in the crate, don’t punish him. Older dogs may especially have problems with this and won’t be able to be crated for long periods.

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