14 January 2019

Are You Loving or Spoiling Your Dog?

There's no doubt you love your pet, but do you know the difference between loving your dog and spoiling it? Here's why it's important to learn the difference between giving love and affection, and spoiling your dog rotten.

Love vs. spoiling

Giving your dog love, cuddles, treats, and affection is one thing. Giving your dog whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, is spoiling him. Why does it matter if you give your dog everything he asks for? Compare the situation with raising a child. If you love your child, you'll still create boundaries for the child. You won't just give into temper tantrums and demands for toys and candy because, as a parent, you'll understand that this creates a problem--a spoiled child who doesn't know or accept boundaries.

The same thing happens with dogs. Dogs need boundaries, otherwise they become anxious and agitated, eventually acting out with bad behaviour.

If you feed your dog at his dish every day, then suddenly feed him from the table another day, he'll be confused. He'll probably beg for food the third day, since he'll expect you to feed him from the table again. Inconsistency makes training very difficult and will confuse your pet, so be consistent with your rules.

Puppies grow up

A cute, begging puppy or one that jumps up at you every time you come in the room is adorable. A full-grown dog that acts this way is a nuisance to you and those around you. Plus, it can be dangerous if your spoiled dog thinks it can jump up on a small child. By allowing your dog to jump up, you are essentially spoiling him, excusing or dismissing bad behaviour instead of taking control of the situation. By rewarding your dog with attention when he jumps up, you are telling him that it's okay to misbehave. This will only make it harder for you in the long run when you want your dog to do as it's told.

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