Puppy chewing on stick

Puppy Chewing: Naughty or Natural?

Congratulations on your new puppy! Although cute, you have most likely noticed how much they like to chew. This is a frustrating yet inevitable part of puppyhood, and it is never fun to discover your favourite shoes have been shredded by your new companion. With these tips, you can avoid that unwanted destruction while still allowing your puppy to experience a natural part of being a dog.

Puppies don't chew to be naughty, they actually NEED to chew.

Much like a human baby needs to teeth, puppies have new teeth coming in and chewing helps them develop a strong set of chompers. Management is extremely important because everything is a potential chew toy when the desire to chew is so strong. Keep your pup in a penned area with items you don’t mind them chewing, such as bones, teething biscuits or chew toys. If you use a toy, make sure it is not made of a brittle material that could break off and lodge in your puppy’s mouth or stomach!

Dog chewing on stick while lying on the grass
Never physically correct your pup for chewing, and never correct them after the fact. That can create even more issues, as your pup can become fearful of hands and of people approaching them.

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